Zaful Wishlist #2: 4th Anniversary Special!

Greeting everyone! I hope you're prepared for what's about to happen in this post... another wishlist! This time, it is to celebrate Zaful's 4th Anniversary coming up very soon. And I'm super excited because they're currently my go-to for fashion inspiration. Current Promotions Free Shipping Worldwide, Shop from $5.99, Coupon up to $12 Enjoy Zaful… Wishlist: Summer 2018 SPECIAL!

Greeting everyone and welcome back to yet another wishlist, this time I checked out Dresslily, and picked out some - more like 20+ !!! - items of clothing and accessories which I found appealing. Hope you enjoy! Current Promos! S A L E ! S A L E ! S A L E ! SIGN…

Zaful Wishlist // SUMMER SPECIAL!

It has been a while since my last wishlist. I've done wishlists mostly to satisfy my 'surf-shopping' desires and not actually buy things. My necessity to buy things has long gone... until now! I've been looking at clothes over at Zaful (again!) and wow-ee do they have nice and fashionable clothes for the summer! Current… Wishlist

I have been wanting to do a wishlist for Rosegal for ages! I never came round to it even though I visit their website religiously. And since it took me this long to make a wishlist, I have decided to include MANY items. By many I mean almost THIRTY. Have you seen a wishlist with… Wishlist

Greeting my beautiful readers! nd as you can tell from the title, I have compiled yet another wishlist, this time from Gear Best, which is a website that has just about EVERYTHING you can imagine, and at great prices! Since thus far all my wishlists involved clothes, makeup and such things, this time I am…

Fashion Nova Wishlist: Valentine’s Day Special!

Welcome back to my little blog! And since Valentine's Day is right round the corner, I thought I would do a wishlist especially for this day. Just a quick disclaimer before I get started, this post has not been sponsored by the website in name, Fashion Nova. I just love their clothes and how boujee,… Wishlist: Christmas Special!

I know, I know: it’s Christmas in just a matter of days, so why are you posting a Christmas wishlist now? I understand your thinking, but hear me out: I have written some good posts this past month (in my opinion, at least), and have been keeping the request from in the backseat for too long…