Travel Series (2): Packing

Packing can be a real bitch. With a capital ‘B’. So here are a few steps to minimise the stress and hassle of packing (which, by the way, isn’t worse than unpacking when you’re back from holiday!)


Make a list of everything you are taking with you and sub-divide into two:

  • Hand luggage
  • Suitcase

Spread out

Put all the items you’re taking in the above two sections and spread them out on your bed or floor so you can see what you have and what you might be missing


Try on all your outfits. Make sure that before you prepare your clothes for the holiday, check the weather of the place you’re going to


After you plan our outfits, just put everything in your luggage! Remember to ROLL your clothes to save up space, and put the following in separate bags inside the luggage:

  • Shoes
  • Lingerie
  • Laundry

Travel Series (1): Hacks

These are backed up by me either through experience or research. Happy travels!

  1. Roll your clothes instead of folding them. This saves up a LOT of space
  2. To prevent cords from getting tangled (which is a real pain), put them in extra sealable bags or even sunglasses cases
  3. Separate things in the following categories:
    • Clothes
    • Underwear
    • Skincare products
    • Shoes
    • Extra laundry bag
  4. If you’re planning on going on lots of shopping trips, pack an extra smaller suitcase
  5. Put all your pills in one container instead of multiple, bulky ones
  6. Save all the samples you can. This saves up space in your skincare/make-up bag
  7. Wrap breakable items inside socks or tops
  8. When you’re trying to book a flight, always go incognito. Flight sites track your visits and increase the price per every visit
  9. Placing a dryer sheet in your luggage will keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh
  10. Keep hairclips handy by placing them inside Tic-Tac containers
  11. Book flights Between Tuesday and Thursday. This is when they’re at their cheapest
  12. Make a list of everything you’ve packed
  13. Make sure your outfits revolve round one colour scheme
  14. Protect your razor blades by putting a binder clip on the blade part
  15. Make a souvenir list before landing
  16. Wrap you shoes in a shower cap