UNBOXING: Cruelty-Free Malta Sub Kit Summer 2019

Greeting beauties and welcome back to my blog! As you can tell by the title, I will be unboxing and reviewing products found in the Cruelty-Free Malta Subscription Kit for Summer 2019. Let me know which product was your favourite in the comment!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I bought the product myself and any opinions shared are my own.

Without further ado… Let’s get unboxing!

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My Opinion on… Spring/Summer ’18 Trends

Some of you may be wondering why the heck I am posting about fashion when I don’t have any sense of fashion. And neither am I a fashion blogger. But I do have strong opinions on some trends, which I have in one way or another:

  1. Tried and liked
  2. Tried and failed at
  3. Tried and hated
  4. Somewhere in between.

As stated above – which I will repeat – this is ONLY my opinion on SS18 trends. Not going to bash designers or people that oppose my opinion. I respect everyone’s opinion 🙂 Let me know what your thoughts are of similar posts in the future!

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Zaful Wishlist // SUMMER SPECIAL!

It has been a while since my last wishlist. I’ve done wishlists mostly to satisfy my ‘surf-shopping’ desires and not actually buy things. My necessity to buy things has long gone… until now! I’ve been looking at clothes over at Zaful (again!) and wow-ee do they have nice and fashionable clothes for the summer!

Current promotions
on Zaful include:

Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.02.13
Click here

***** Buy 4 Get 1 Free *****

Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.09.01
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#ClaireNotes – June 2017

New Beginnings?

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New beginnings… June was all about many changes in my life. A leap of faith, you may call it (will be doing a future post on this to go into further detail so eyes peeled for that one!).

I decided to take my physical and mental health more seriously than ever. With summer coming round, I had more time to kill, so I decided to rejoin the gym for three more month. And the progress is there but ever-so slightly.

I also took it upon myself to upgrade my blog plan from free to premium, which comes with more features, and will be working more on my blog than last year. We’re talking collaborations, guest writers, reviews and a lot more!

So you might ask why I have a question mark in the heading… Well, my job is on the line. As of now, writing the post and time of publishing, I still don’t know whether I will be employed for another year or not. It breaks my heart but has to be done (policies and whatever); fingers crossed I get chosen and spend another year with amazing colleagues!

Mental Health First Aid Course!

I have written about this a few days ago. I wanted to do something like this for the longest time, and I finally did it. For the next three years, I am a certified Mental Health First Aider!

The course was spread across two days, six hours each. For me, that was a short amount of time to cover mental health, so I hope the Richmond Foundation does more related courses in the future which are longer.

Summertime Happiness!

Image result for what time is it summertime

Summer holidays started June 23rd at 1pm for me. I spent the whole day at a staff evaluation, where we engaged in a scavenger hunt around the beautiful city of Birgu in Malta. It was so much fun and we had a great laugh!

Some of the tasks we had to do included reenacting a marriage which featured a stranger as a bride or groom (in our team’s case we had two strangers for each role!), singing the Maltese national anthem holding the Maltese flag, taking selfies with as many strangers as possible and also doing the Harlem Shake.

We had points deducted from our team for arriving late at the meeting spot, and came in at second place. Sans the point deduction we would have been crowned winners!

So this was the month of June in a nutshell. Next month will be a special edition of #ClaireNotes because it will be all about LONDON! Really excited about this, and will probably be a whole bunch of places I’ve been to as opposed to sticking to just three goals, so stay tuned for that!

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