Dearest beautiful reader, You are enough. You may not hear it much, or you may hear it so often you just don't believe it anymore, or maybe you don't even hear it... but it's true. I know what it's like to struggle with not living up to certain expectations, whether my own or someone else's,…


BeYOUtiful – Week #11

Apologies for uploading this today as opposed to the usual Sunday slot. I spent Sunday with my friends and came home super sick, And I'm still sick as we speak (or type!). xo - Claire A series on self-love and positivity that will take place every Sunday. Here I will chronicle how my week went…

New Year’s Resolution for People with Mental Health Problems/Illnesses

Even if you weren't among the people who denounced this particular trip we all took around the sun, it's hard not to feel a little optimistic about the start of a new year. I won't give you the "new year, new you" spiel, because I'm one of those who doesn't believe in this shindig.