#ClaireNotes – February 2017

February was an eventful month, from my and my boyfriend’s birthday month, to going on our first weekend getaway, going to a concert, celebrating one year in recovery and so much more, but I had three goals in mind for this month…


1. Celebrating my Birthday [Achieved]

Of course it’s my birthday every year, but this year is my first birthday in recovery. I woke up in the morning with the brightest smile on my face (and this is highly unusual as I am NOT a morning person! And nor will I ever be), all happy that it was my birthday.

Work greeted me with open arms, the children in the Early School (my department) also sung happy birthday to me… and overall it was a good day. My boyfriend couldn’t celebrate with me as he was without a car and couldn’t travel much, but I celebrated it with my BFF and older sister. We watched Harry Potter and got many nice presents during my birthday week.

2. Weekend Getaway

I’d been looking forward to this for AAAAAAAGES. After two weeks recovering from gastric flu and not seeing my boyfriend, I got to spend a weekend annoying the living banjos out of him… and also kick back and relax hehehe.

We went to the Santana Hotel in Bugibba. No regrets there. Great service, great location close to all amenities (and by close, I mean there is an actual convenience store next door). Even though we only had B&B, next I will most definitely book half-board because the food was simply exquisite!

3. Symphonic Beatles

This event was organised by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra in aid of Qalb it-Tfal (translated to: Children’s Hearts), which is a hospital in Malta that helps parents of prematurely born babies pay for surgeries and doctors’ bills.

After a meltdown about how insecure I felt about what I was wearing and spotting my ex, who coincidentally happened to be sitting several seats away IN THE SAME ROW, the event started. I was really happy with how the event turned out though. All songs were beautifully sung with guests like popular local singer Amber.


So this is what February was like. I’d like to thank everyone for the birthday greetings, presents, likes, comments and overall support. YOU ROCK ❤

#ClaireNotes – January 2017

Happy New Year, beautiful people! Hope you spent it the way your heart desired, just like myself.

As part of a new series inspired by Marzia, I will be writing down three things I want to do each month, and talk about achieving them (… or maybe not achieving them?), so let’s get started! I wrote all the notes on this diary from boohoo.com. Small and really portable since it’s quite small.


1. Clean Closet [Achieved]

… Particularly where I put my bags.

This had to be done months ago, but juggling work, my surprisingly amazing relationship and my severe procrastination, had proven harder than I imagined. Unfortunately, my photos got mysteriously deleted from my phone, so I have no evidence of what the mess looked like… but imagine this: tote bags, crossbody bags, backpacks, handbags, shoulder bags, clutch bags, messenger bags, and so so much more – covering all my bed and the patch of ground between my bed and wardrobe.

2. €200 Budget [Achieved]

With just over EUR50 left, I cannot believe I achieved this goal! I had a doctors’ appointment which cost me almost EUR85 including meds, two driving lessons, photocopies for work, mobile+transport card top ups and more.

Will probably do more budget-related challenges… maybe a EUR50 Outfit Challenge in the future?…

3. Declutter work desk… [Achieved]

This was particularly hard to do since I became a hoarder when I was diagnosed with depression, and I had so many papers and little trinkets lying about… even behind my laptop! But truly, clear space = clear mind

… and vanity [Achieved too]

I’d been wanting to clean my vanity for ages and I finally found some time… on a Sunday night. Cold. Rainy. I cleaned the jewellery box my sister gave me for Christmas in 2015, placing my pins, earrings and rings in the new one she gave me last Christmas. I also sorted my make-up into skincare, lipsticks/lipglosses and others (eye make-up, nail stuff, etc.)

These were my January Notes. I hope you like this series. Let me know in the comment section below what you managed to achieve this month, and your goals for the next month, and I’ll see you in the next one!


I’m Okay (I Promise)… And an Announcement!

Soooo I haven’t really posted anything in a while, and some may be concerned.

Where’s Claire?! And where’s her POV?!

Claire’s here. And her POV beside her.

I’ve started work again a few weeks ago, and I’m caught up with work and my personal life. I want to make this scholastic year all about the student I’m taking care of. Not that last year wasn’t, but now I know what my role is better than last year, and I know I can do more than I did previously.

Personal life… My anxiety has decreased drastically, and only get uncomfortable in crowds or with strangers. I talk to most of my co-workers, greet them and have a laugh with them from time to time. Something I never did.

As far as writing goes… Zero. Zilch. I also said I’d take up some writing jobs to earn some side money and keep my writing skills going but I haven’t found the right one yet. Or the right one does not exist, who knows?

Inspired by one of my favourite Youtubers/bloggers, Marzia Bisognin, I will be writing notes which I will try and do throughout the month. These are in the form of 3-5 bullet points, and I’ll be writing about that experience in one post at the end of the month or the beginning of the next.

So I hope every one of you are doing well like I am, and I will see you in the next one!