I treated myself to some retail therapy! #haul

Welcome back to my blog beauties! If you’re Maltese or live in Malta, then you know that between Friday 1st and Tuesday 5th March there were the Carnival festivities. So I decided, why not treat myself to some retail therapy? It had been a while since both my last clothing haul and shopping spree, and I got some very nice items of clothing. Read more to see what I got!

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I went shopping and I bought some stuff! ~Haul

So as the title states, I went shopping on Monday with my sister, and I bought some really cool stuff! Granted it would have been more if I wasn’t so careful!! I asked myself how much I really needed these items, and well… you be the judge of whether I actually need these or not ūüėČ

This striped multicoloured jumpsuit from New Look is what summer is all about! Stripes, light material and many, many colours! I think it also goes well with flats and the big bonus is that you can wear ANYTHING with those colours with it!

The second thing I got is this yellow t-shirt with front knot (or is it mustard?). I bought this so that I can team it up with a pair of jeans and sneakers for a casual look at work!

I also have the multicoloured and black versions of this rust ribbed dress¬†from New Look. They are my go-to for warm, sunny days because they’re very flowy and look nice for any outing!

This pair of white and nude sneakers are from Dorothy Perkins. Even though I have a pair of white Converse knockoffs, I needed a pair of white sneakers without a trunk, and these looked super cute!

Contrasting retro sport jacket

I have wanted a retro looking bomber for a while, so I had to buy this retro-looking contrast bomber from Bershka. Who said jackets had to look a boring khaki or brown for winter?!

Jogging trousers with side stripe

Something to style with the jacket above is this pair of maroon jogging trousers, which I will probably also wear with the white sneakers i mentioned. The length at first threw me off but then I put on the white sneakers I had bought beforehand and I changed my mind.

Polo-style bodysuit with zip

I’ve wanted a bodysuit for so long, because my shirts are always riding up. The first one to actually fit me is this¬†striped black bodysuit¬†from Bershka.


After my Rimmel compact powder finished, I wanted something better, and I think this Golden Rose compact powder in shade 09 was a great pick. I’ve used it almost daily since buying it. It feels so smooth against my skin and it comes with a small applicator pad (what are they called? Completely clueless!)

Tea Tree Targeted Gel 2.5ml

I have featured this Tea Tree Targeted Gel from The Body Shop time and time again on my hauls and favourites, and for good reason! It works wonders on blemishes and cysts.

Mandarin Energising Face Mist 60ml

I have featured several hydrating mists on my blog, but this face mist from The Body Shop is the first scented one I have owned ever, and it works wonders during hot summer days!

Since I cannot find them online, I’ll just list these. From Flying Tiger, I got:

  1. A salad container with a plastic fork and dressing container [I’ll be using them for my pasta!]
  2. A nail clipper [which is super good!]
  3. A 20 pkt grip seal bags with SLOTHS on them [can you tell I love sloths?! If no see next item…]
  4. A 20 pkt napkins with a sloth hugging a llama wearing party hats [sooo adorable!]

latahapparel code



Clothing/Beauty Haul – Easter Special

I went shopping this week to celebrating the end of my 9-day Easter Holidays (perks of working in the education industry I guess!), and seized the day when mum offered to go shopping together. We spent a whole day buying clothes and accessories. Ready to see what I got?!

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End of Year 2017 HAUL!

If you find a better way than a BIG HAUL to start the blogging year on a better note, you are sadly mistaken. I went shopping on the 29th and 30th of December since I’m donating many of my things to make space for new ones. You know, the “out with the old, in with the new” theory, which I am trying to implement this year, where for every object I buy, I need to get rid of one. Either by donating or – if not in good conditions – throw away… so many choices!

On the 29th, I only went to two stores – Kiabi and Matalan, while on the 30th, I spent the whole day – literally from 9am till 4pm! – shopping in the capital of shopping in Malta: Sliema.

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On the 7th day of Christmas, my credit card gave to me…: A Christmas [mini] Haul

Hello my beautiful internet friends! Yesterday was my first proper shopping spree in what seems like ages, probably since before I bought my car back in November, and boy did I need it! Even though I didn’t buy much, I went to spend almost ‚ā¨150, which for me, is a huge amount. but they were all things I somehow needed, especially the jeans I bought.

Here’s what I got from the two shops I visited: New Look and Dorothy Perkins, both in Valletta.

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LOOKBOOK: I came here Tonight

Just days before my 11-monthaversary, my boyfriend and I went on a casual, chill date and I looked too nice not to make a lookbook. It is my first and the photos were taken with my phone camera, so not the best quality. Credit due goes to my boyfriend. ‚̧


Jacket: New Look
Top: New Look
Jeggings: Agi
Shoes: Stradivarius
Moon Ring: Stradivarius
Pearl Ring: Stradivarius
Bag: Samantha Vega

My Makeup Collection

Let me redefine the title… it’s just what makeup I own. There’s no collection of any sort. I don’t apply it as much as girls my age, but I love owning it. So here’s what I currently have inside my make-up pouch:

hnm 4

So this is the make-up pouch, which I got from H&M while on holiday in Budapest. It’s a transparent pouch with salmon/baby pink lining and a golden zipper.

Kelly Brook @ New Look
This is my nail-polish collection which I got for myself a few Christmases ago. It’s by Kelly Brook from New Look. I think I got it for about 15 euros, not entirely sure.

Zoya – EX1 Cosmetics – Zoya @ Marzia’s Subscription Box: Travel Special
The ZOYA nailpolishes and the EX1 blusher were all with CutiePieMarzia’s subscription box, which I am subscribed to because she’s awesome and I love her. And the things she puts in her Box are cruelty-free and nice!


Next up is this Essence party look set which my sister gave me last Christmas.

Free – Pound Store – Kiabi

These are all the makeup brushes I own. I should probably invest in more, shouldn’t I? I only use the big powder brush; I haven’t even used the others once!

Rimmel – New Look – Max Factor

From left to right: My fave mascara EVER which has two applicators; roll-on perfume from New Look for everyday use; Concealer for under the eye which I sometimes use for spots.

Kate Moss @ Rimmel РKate Moss @ Rimmel РKate Moss @ Rimmel РKIKO РUnknown

My fave lipsticks to date. For those who want to know, the KIKO one is red.

Limited Edition Nautical Collection @ Sleek РMatte Me @ Sleek

These are my two more recent buys from Roseberry, my go-to for makeup as of recently. The staff was so helpful with me when I was struggling to choose the ‘Birthday Suit’ type colour, and they gave me a free red lipstick with the purchase (the Limited Edition Nautical Collection)!

i-Divine Limited Edition Whimsical Wonderland Palette @ Sleek Рi-Divine Bad Girl Palette @ Sleek

I also got these two eyeshadow palettes from Roseberry, which colours are sooo beautiful and vibrant, which is what I’m hoping I’ll be when I wear these babies!

I got this eyeshadow palette for free with a magazine a couple years ago. I use the smokey one as you can tell from my brushes.

Lipfinity @ Max FActor – Bershka

Next up are my pink lipstick from Bershka and my all-time fave lipfinity: essential brown 350.

Free with Magazine

I got these fake lashes free with a magazine a couple years ago as well. Dunno whether I’ll be wearing anytime soon, but maybe someday I will.

Free with Magazine – Pound Shop – Max Factor

The first one’s an eyeliner and the rest are eyebrow pencils. I use different ones depending on how light or dark my hair colour looks.

The Make-Up Store

I bought this 3-in-1 cover all mix from the Make-Up Store. The reddish one is used to cover redness, the yellowish one to cover dark circles, and the concealer one is a highlighter.

The Body Shop

I love love love this hand cream and lip balm from The Body Shop! I carry them with me everywhere.

Face Finity @ Max Factor

My go-to 3 in 1 concealer. Love its silky effect on my skin.

I cannot live without compact powders, which is why I have two, a Max Factor one and another one I got from a pound store.


What I use to fix my ‘brows.

Smashbox @ Marzia’s Subscription Box: Travel Special

This is my brow tech shaping powder, which I am in LOOOOVE with, by Smashbox.

The Body Shop – H&M

I got this hand cream from The Body Shop, and a body spray from H&M which smells soooo good!

That’s my make-up collection, which I hope you enjoyed going through. Stay tuned for more posts by me, Claire, and see you on the flip side!!