Map My Style #1

Happy weekend everyone! Welcome to the first part of this fortnightly series where I fill in the book ‘May my Style’ by Dom and Ink, which I bought from Asos a while ago. It’s been out of stock for a while, so you can also find it on Amazon. It’s a book similar to ‘Wreck this Journal’ by Keri Smith. I hope you enjoy this series, out every other Saturday!

The aim of this series is to get to know me more but with a fun twist.

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New Year, New Series: Changes on my Blog

We’ve all heard of the cheesy, cliche saying “new year, new me”. I used to believe that up until a  few years ago and decided to change it to “new year, better me”. I will be using this ‘saying’ for my blog, too.

With my blog growing since last year, I will be introducing some new series that will be taking place on my blog starting 2018.

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