Marzia’s Mermaid Box: Unboxing #3

Hello everybody! On Monday I received Marzia’s Mermaid Box. You can buy the next one here. There weren’t as many products as there usually is, but I still loved it. I would have said the same about the previous ne if I received it… but that’s something else, so let’s stay on subject, shall we? Continue reading Marzia’s Mermaid Box: Unboxing #3

Marzia’s Sweet Box – UNBOXING #2

Happy February, my loves! Today I came home from work with a package awaiting me, and I thought what better way to start off the month of love than with an unboxing?! The package I received is Marzia‘s Sweet Box. As you know, she is my absolute favourite blogger EVER. If you would like to subscribe to the quarterly subscription box, click here. To check out the preview of the box, click here.

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Bloggers you need to follow… like, now.

Welcome back to my blog, beautiful creatures! Hope you’re all doing as well as I am. As you can tell by the title, this post is about bloggers which I follow and so should you… right. NOW.

Now I follow a LOT of amazing bloggers, both local and international, but I wrote a list of 4 local and 4 international bloggers which I chose at random (which is important to point out because it doesn’t mean I don’t like the other fellow local bloggers. I love each and every one of them!)

int blog (1)

Helen Anderson


I’ve been subscribed to Helen’s main channel for YEARS now – probably over three or four years – and have only recently subscribed to her vlogging channel, on which she uploads daily. She is not only a trendsetter, but also studied film and moving images before she became a blogger. She is also a singer in the band Box of Lights.

Helen is also known for her bomb-ass tattoos and constant hair colour changes. I. Freaking. Love. Her.

Currently living in Norwich with fiancé Matthew Taylor.


Marzia Bisognin


Where do I even begin to describe this blogger? She inspires me to embrace my weirdness while still loving fashion and re-inventing myself. I’ve been subscribed to her since before she hit her 1 millionth subscriber on Youtube.

Her blog features the most amazing sceneries and fashion pieces, with the random pug here and there. (I think it should be noted that she actually has two pugs, Maya and Edgar).

She’s not only a blogger, but also a fashion designer and author. Seriously though, is there anything this girl can’t do?!

She is currently living in Brighton with her boyfriend Felix, a.k.a PewdiePie.


My Life’s a Movie


I found out about this female travel blogger when I read an article about how she was judged for travelling solo and was in awe at her courage to just ignore the judging and move on with her life. Her only companion? Her GoPro.

Her Instagram account is all about the places she has visited, and will give you serious wanderlust.


Naturally Stefanie

Processed with MOLDIV

This article is just about everything you need to know about the pint-sized Scottish beauty. Form her accent, to her face, hair and body to DIE for, she is the epitome of veganism.

Instagram – Youtube

loc blog (1).png

Arguably Kelly


I haven’t known her for a long time – just a few months or so – but I’ve heard of her blog a while before I made contact with her on Linkedin. She’s witty, open-minded and we have the same tastes… only she’s a better writer than me. Fact.


Lyndsey Grima


I’ve known Lyndsey on Facebook for years, but we’ve never met. She is probably the first Maltese blogger I’ve ever started following, and still do. Not only does she post tips, hauls and amazing beauty reviews, but she is also chronicling the biggest step in her life: moving to Glasgow. And I love reading about this new step in life.


Cruelty Free Malta


The only cruelty-free blog hailing from my home country, I’ve started talking to Fiona, the amazing bomb woman behind the blog, over the last few months. She’s probably the nicest (and only blogger) I’ve talked to on a regular basis. I look forward to her next posts in aim to lead a more animal friendly life.


Alexandra Butters

Image result for alexandra butters

Beautiful and equally smart, Alexandra’s blog consists of make-up tips, beauty, lifestyle and reviews. I remember during my first event, I had to make a double take when I saw because I thought I was seeing double (really… don’t judge me please!) and then found out I was a sane person and she actually has an identical twin. By identical, I mean a 100% photocopy of herself.

FacebookInstagram Twitter

Stay tuned for a very special and emotional blog post coming up tomorrow evening!
x x x x x x x x x

I’m Okay (I Promise)… And an Announcement!

Soooo I haven’t really posted anything in a while, and some may be concerned.

Where’s Claire?! And where’s her POV?!

Claire’s here. And her POV beside her.

I’ve started work again a few weeks ago, and I’m caught up with work and my personal life. I want to make this scholastic year all about the student I’m taking care of. Not that last year wasn’t, but now I know what my role is better than last year, and I know I can do more than I did previously.

Personal life… My anxiety has decreased drastically, and only get uncomfortable in crowds or with strangers. I talk to most of my co-workers, greet them and have a laugh with them from time to time. Something I never did.

As far as writing goes… Zero. Zilch. I also said I’d take up some writing jobs to earn some side money and keep my writing skills going but I haven’t found the right one yet. Or the right one does not exist, who knows?

Inspired by one of my favourite Youtubers/bloggers, Marzia Bisognin, I will be writing notes which I will try and do throughout the month. These are in the form of 3-5 bullet points, and I’ll be writing about that experience in one post at the end of the month or the beginning of the next.

So I hope every one of you are doing well like I am, and I will see you in the next one!

My Makeup Collection

Let me redefine the title… it’s just what makeup I own. There’s no collection of any sort. I don’t apply it as much as girls my age, but I love owning it. So here’s what I currently have inside my make-up pouch:

hnm 4

So this is the make-up pouch, which I got from H&M while on holiday in Budapest. It’s a transparent pouch with salmon/baby pink lining and a golden zipper.

Kelly Brook @ New Look
This is my nail-polish collection which I got for myself a few Christmases ago. It’s by Kelly Brook from New Look. I think I got it for about 15 euros, not entirely sure.

Zoya – EX1 Cosmetics – Zoya @ Marzia’s Subscription Box: Travel Special
The ZOYA nailpolishes and the EX1 blusher were all with CutiePieMarzia’s subscription box, which I am subscribed to because she’s awesome and I love her. And the things she puts in her Box are cruelty-free and nice!


Next up is this Essence party look set which my sister gave me last Christmas.

Free – Pound Store – Kiabi

These are all the makeup brushes I own. I should probably invest in more, shouldn’t I? I only use the big powder brush; I haven’t even used the others once!

Rimmel – New Look – Max Factor

From left to right: My fave mascara EVER which has two applicators; roll-on perfume from New Look for everyday use; Concealer for under the eye which I sometimes use for spots.

Kate Moss @ Rimmel – Kate Moss @ Rimmel – Kate Moss @ Rimmel – KIKO – Unknown

My fave lipsticks to date. For those who want to know, the KIKO one is red.

Limited Edition Nautical Collection @ Sleek – Matte Me @ Sleek

These are my two more recent buys from Roseberry, my go-to for makeup as of recently. The staff was so helpful with me when I was struggling to choose the ‘Birthday Suit’ type colour, and they gave me a free red lipstick with the purchase (the Limited Edition Nautical Collection)!

i-Divine Limited Edition Whimsical Wonderland Palette @ Sleek – i-Divine Bad Girl Palette @ Sleek

I also got these two eyeshadow palettes from Roseberry, which colours are sooo beautiful and vibrant, which is what I’m hoping I’ll be when I wear these babies!

I got this eyeshadow palette for free with a magazine a couple years ago. I use the smokey one as you can tell from my brushes.

Lipfinity @ Max FActor – Bershka

Next up are my pink lipstick from Bershka and my all-time fave lipfinity: essential brown 350.

Free with Magazine

I got these fake lashes free with a magazine a couple years ago as well. Dunno whether I’ll be wearing anytime soon, but maybe someday I will.

Free with Magazine – Pound Shop – Max Factor

The first one’s an eyeliner and the rest are eyebrow pencils. I use different ones depending on how light or dark my hair colour looks.

The Make-Up Store

I bought this 3-in-1 cover all mix from the Make-Up Store. The reddish one is used to cover redness, the yellowish one to cover dark circles, and the concealer one is a highlighter.

The Body Shop

I love love love this hand cream and lip balm from The Body Shop! I carry them with me everywhere.

Face Finity @ Max Factor

My go-to 3 in 1 concealer. Love its silky effect on my skin.

I cannot live without compact powders, which is why I have two, a Max Factor one and another one I got from a pound store.


What I use to fix my ‘brows.

Smashbox @ Marzia’s Subscription Box: Travel Special

This is my brow tech shaping powder, which I am in LOOOOVE with, by Smashbox.

The Body Shop – H&M

I got this hand cream from The Body Shop, and a body spray from H&M which smells soooo good!

That’s my make-up collection, which I hope you enjoyed going through. Stay tuned for more posts by me, Claire, and see you on the flip side!!