REVIEW: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Nude Collection by Kate Moss Shade 45 4/5

I needed a nude lipstick for ages! Lack of funds and being a lazy person are to blame, but I finally found the PERFECT shade when I visited the local drugstore (pharmacy). And it was from Kate Moss’ Nude Collection by Rimmel.

First off, I love all the lipsticks’ packaging, with the slanting top cap resembling the top part of a lipstick. But what really has me is the COLOUR used for the packaging. I mean, look at them!


Cute right?!

Now moving on to the actual shade I bought, which is 45. The colour itself is a nude-ish brown type of colour, which is EXACTLY what I was going for at the time. The colour is quite natural so you can use it for a more natural make-up look, which I’m all for.


One thing I didn’t really like about it was the fact that it didn’t really last as long as the title says, which is ‘long lasting’, which is why it lost a rating for me.

But I’ll definitely get more shades from this collection! Also because the thing is SO SO SOOOO cheap! I mean, EUR5.75 for a nice-looking thing like this?! Definite bargain and definite buy!