I treated myself to some retail therapy! #haul

Welcome back to my blog beauties! If you’re Maltese or live in Malta, then you know that between Friday 1st and Tuesday 5th March there were the Carnival festivities. So I decided, why not treat myself to some retail therapy? It had been a while since both my last clothing haul and shopping spree, and I got some very nice items of clothing. Read more to see what I got!

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Four Days in Amsterdam

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I missed you guys soo much! First off, I would like to wish you all a very happy new year filled with peace, positivity and laughter. In case you haven’t read the last few posts from 2018, I announced a small break from my blog over the new year as I was travelling to Amsterdam and I thought why not share my trip with all of you, including some of the things I got for myself.


Just a quick side note before I forget: I haven’t yet posted about what I got for Christmas yet because I still need to meet my best friend to give her hers and her boyfriend’s gifts so I’ll wait for that and then publish the post, but in the meantime…

And can we admire the beauty of this photo?! This is the Alps as we passed over them on our way to Eindhoven Airport…



I woke up at around 4am because the flight was at 8am. I needed to pack the last few things before heading to the airport. Once we were all checked out of the airport, we headed to Efteling Park, – luggage and all – and spent the whole day there. I probably had the greatest time in a park ever that day. One of the rides gave me such a fright the photo taken was me crying with my eyes closed! Everyone had a laugh at that, including me. It was terrifying, to say the least! The park’s theme is mystical and forest-y (it’s not a word but there’s no other way to describe it). Before went to the hotel, we watched a mesmerising fountain show, which was very beautiful and colourful.


Been up since 4am, how tired I look on a scale from 1 to 10?!
The quill moved as if someone was writing and the whole incubator with the book rotated
This is as soon as we passed through the entrance. Isn’t it pretty?!



We were all pretty knackered after spending a whole day at Efteling Park, so we spent most of the day. In the evening, we went to a place where we could play VR games. I wasn’t the best – in fact I was the worst in my team – but it was a lot of fun and an unforgettable experience!

This candy store wasn’t the cheapest, but there were a lot of brands and products which I’d never seen before… like purple Oreos!


I’m obsessed with these rubber ducks; I’ve seen a lot of them in London and to see them in Amsterdam was amusing! I decided to name all of them Robert
NYFA has always been my dream, and to actually see the one in Amsterdam in person made me super emotional. I couldn’t attend for personal and financial reasons, but maybe someday I will!



This day was the reason we actually planned the holiday in the first place: New Years’ Eve! The original plan was going partying at a very swanky and exclusive club and then head to one of the many bridges of Amsterdam (just several minutes away from the club) to see the fireworks and actually put up some ourselves!

Things didn’t exactly go to plan because all fireworks were sold out so we didn’t get to use anything, and we only spent several minutes at the club and didn’t go back in. But we still saw the fireworks and it was magical and out of this world. The fireworks people put up themselves went up until TWO IN THE MORNING. Seriously, we arrived at our hotel room at 1am and they were still going on!!

I was very tired on that day so I didn’t take too many photos.




Our last full day! /sad face/ After the previous night, we decided to just take things easy and not do any extravagant things. I had some girl time and went souvenir shopping (correction: only I did a spree!) and then headed to Body Worlds – which was amazing! – before meeting back with the boys. Afterwards, we went to a bar which had a Glow Golf course under it and it was… interesting. Again, I wasn’t the best but we had a laugh and it was a great night, like any other.

I won’t be including pictures of Body Worlds because it might upset some people and there’s some graphic content within it like dissected brains and skeletons. But in case you’re intrigued, everything displayed in the museum is REAL. Exhibitions consist of actual dead people and it impressed me a lot at how well-preserved they were. There are interesting facts with every display about the body and diseases. I learned a lot and some displays were… interesting, in a very weird way.

“DAY 5”

I put it in quotation marks because it’s the day we all travelled back home. We woke up at around 5am to pack the last few things before we waited for our taxi driver to drive us to Eindhoven airport.

Overall, it was one of the greatest holidays ever. I’ll definitely visit Amsterdam again in the (hopefully near) future.


In the banner of the post, which you can read above, I listed that I will include a “mini haul” of what I got.  There are some things I didn’t find online to link them in case you wanted to buy them, and I’m feeling quite poorly so I won’t post any photos, just the links, and then list the things I didn’t find and describe them as best as I could.

Products not listed above include:

  • Two fanny packs: one plain with two zippers and another one with one zipper and a chain across the middle/ The first one is for casual outings and the latter for more formal occasions.
  • A collapsible shopper bag with Amsterdam-related things all over it, such as tulips, the name written and bicycles.
  • A Totoro coin purse from a comic store.
  • A Slytherin jumper with green and grey horizontal stripes and the house crest on the left side.
  • Several souvenirs, pairs of socks and round cotton pads.

I hope you enjoyed this post, apologies for it being very long and full of photos but I believe pictures speak for themselves in my case. If you’re thinking of travelling to Amsterdam in the future let me know in the comments below! Where are you planning to visit? How long will you be staying? Let’s start a conversation!

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I went shopping and I bought some stuff! ~Haul

So as the title states, I went shopping on Monday with my sister, and I bought some really cool stuff! Granted it would have been more if I wasn’t so careful!! I asked myself how much I really needed these items, and well… you be the judge of whether I actually need these or not 😉

This striped multicoloured jumpsuit from New Look is what summer is all about! Stripes, light material and many, many colours! I think it also goes well with flats and the big bonus is that you can wear ANYTHING with those colours with it!

The second thing I got is this yellow t-shirt with front knot (or is it mustard?). I bought this so that I can team it up with a pair of jeans and sneakers for a casual look at work!

I also have the multicoloured and black versions of this rust ribbed dress from New Look. They are my go-to for warm, sunny days because they’re very flowy and look nice for any outing!

This pair of white and nude sneakers are from Dorothy Perkins. Even though I have a pair of white Converse knockoffs, I needed a pair of white sneakers without a trunk, and these looked super cute!

Contrasting retro sport jacket

I have wanted a retro looking bomber for a while, so I had to buy this retro-looking contrast bomber from Bershka. Who said jackets had to look a boring khaki or brown for winter?!

Jogging trousers with side stripe

Something to style with the jacket above is this pair of maroon jogging trousers, which I will probably also wear with the white sneakers i mentioned. The length at first threw me off but then I put on the white sneakers I had bought beforehand and I changed my mind.

Polo-style bodysuit with zip

I’ve wanted a bodysuit for so long, because my shirts are always riding up. The first one to actually fit me is this striped black bodysuit from Bershka.


After my Rimmel compact powder finished, I wanted something better, and I think this Golden Rose compact powder in shade 09 was a great pick. I’ve used it almost daily since buying it. It feels so smooth against my skin and it comes with a small applicator pad (what are they called? Completely clueless!)

Tea Tree Targeted Gel 2.5ml

I have featured this Tea Tree Targeted Gel from The Body Shop time and time again on my hauls and favourites, and for good reason! It works wonders on blemishes and cysts.

Mandarin Energising Face Mist 60ml

I have featured several hydrating mists on my blog, but this face mist from The Body Shop is the first scented one I have owned ever, and it works wonders during hot summer days!

Since I cannot find them online, I’ll just list these. From Flying Tiger, I got:

  1. A salad container with a plastic fork and dressing container [I’ll be using them for my pasta!]
  2. A nail clipper [which is super good!]
  3. A 20 pkt grip seal bags with SLOTHS on them [can you tell I love sloths?! If no see next item…]
  4. A 20 pkt napkins with a sloth hugging a llama wearing party hats [sooo adorable!]

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MEGA Zaful Try-on HAUL!

Hello everyone and hope your summer is SMASHING so far! I’ve been waiting for this post for the longest of time! Zaful have been the nicest of people for sending me these products to try, and I’m here to give you my honest review!

They currently have promotions on TOPS and DRESSES, so go check them out now to benefit from amazing prices!

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Banggood.com: Mini Haul #2

Greeting everyone! And welcome to yet another mini haul – two objects – which I got from the website Banggood. I have collaborated with them a few times, and they have been super nice to me and the products affordable and super nice!

So click on to find out what I got this time!

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Zaful Haul/Try-On

I have been meaning to this post for a while, but I’ve been super busy with work. A while ago I posted a wishlist for Zaful, and they reached out to me and I decided to post the outfit I bought from their website, including current promotions!

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Clothing/Beauty Haul – Easter Special

I went shopping this week to celebrating the end of my 9-day Easter Holidays (perks of working in the education industry I guess!), and seized the day when mum offered to go shopping together. We spent a whole day buying clothes and accessories. Ready to see what I got?!

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