I love the TV show Stranger Things a LOT. Here’s why you should watch it too

The decade

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I’m a little bit – low key but also not-so lowkey – obsessed with the retro vibe, whether it’s on the big screen, the small screen, fashion, music, the whole shebang. The atmosphere that’s portrayed in Stranger Things reminds me a lot of Twin Peaks, and old Stephen King movies. I could watch anything that skillfully recreates that period. My love for the 80s started when I was a wee one. Both my parents grew up in the decade, and also started dated then, and I grew up listening to the music, and when I started researching the culture, I was instantly hooked.

Winona. F//cking. Ryder

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How can I go about with the list without mentioning the amazing starlet that is Winona Ryder? In my mind, she is cast perfectly for this part. I remember her from movies such as BeetlejuiceEdward Scissorhands, and Girl, Interrupted. She was always cast as the girl that didn’t quite fit in with others. In Stranger Things, she is still the first person that is willing to accept possibilities that are beyond the acceptable.

The cast

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It’s not just the adults that did the job, however. The teenagers themselves deserve a LOT of kudos for their portrayals. This should be obvious in a show that is so heavily cast with children, but believable child actors are not easy to come by.


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Unforgettable acts of friendship show us what real loyalty and trust look like. In the age where people’s words mean less and less, it is great to see a story that circles around keeping one’s word. Evident is the friendship between Mike and Will, where Mike did everything he could to find his missing friend, all four of the boys amongst each other, Nancy and Bard, and the introduction of the mysterious Eleven into the boys’ friendship circle.


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The science in this show is UN-REAL. Mr. Clarke’s explanation of the multidimensional universe to his students deserves a medal and several awards, if you may. This is what teachers are for. He went out of his way to explain this in a simple form with which both the viewers and the characters themselves – who are preteens – could understand. So kudos to you, Mr Clark!

More than just a sidekick

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Although all characters on this show seem rounded and well developed, personally, I think that Dustin deserves an honorable mention. He’s funny, observant, and awfully intelligent. He is also the glue that holds the group together. And that face, how can you not want to pinch his cheek and put him in your pocket?!?!


Eye candy



I got two names for you: Jonathan Buyers and Steve Harrington. And if you’re into the older ones, Hopper’s the one for you.

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Do you watch the show? Or are you one who hasn’t yet but will after reading this post? Let me know below! Let’s start a discussion!

An Open Letter To The People Who Left Me Behind

Dear people who left me behind,

Thank you.

It is not a sarcastic thank you, as you might be thinking. I actually mean it. Thank you.

Thank you for cutting me out of your life.

Thank you for your short-lasting friendship. It taught me a lot. A lot more than I anticipated really.

Thank you for giving me light and guidance.

Thank you for listening to me, or at least acknowledge my presence in your life if you never bothered listening.

Here’s why I’m thanking you…

Because you have shown me what real friendship is, and who my real friends are. You have also given me the strength to pick myself up and actually listen to myself and my body. You taught me that friendships come and go. It breaks my heart that you cannot witness how stronger I have become since we last talked. It’s probably for the best though, you know.

Overall, I’m doing fine in case you were wondering. And I hope you are too. Because I genuinely care about you, and you know it. In our short friendship, you knew me more than I knew myself. I poured my heart out to you in my darkest of times. We also shared some good memories too! I think of those good times and cherish them even though you are no longer around to reenact them.

I have to say maybe it is for the best because I am doing wonderful on my own. I hope you are doing well and are happy with everything you have in life. But, our lives are on their own paths now, which may never cross again, and this is my letter to you saying I am just fine.

Peace and Love,

The person you left behind.