Workout Routine // At Home

I love working out. I didn’t use to, but ever since last December, the thought of not exercising made me kinda sad. I know, me, loving exercising?! Hahaha, I’d have laughed before this year. Now I can’t live without it. Be it HIIT, low impact, cardio, dancing, walking, running, or even just jumping, I need to be on the move constantly.

Exercising cured me from depression…. For the most part anyways.

This is my workout routine when I’m at home.

I usually start by looking for short yet effective workouts which I can do from my room. I found marching on the spot for one minute a good way to warm up before I start my workouts. This is a list of the top 10 people I am subscribed to for workouts:

  • Lucy Wyndham-Read — my absolute favourite for short workouts and monthly challenges
  • Blogilates — really motivational and good for dance-type workouts
  • Tone It Up — two beautiful ladies with really good workouts (and merchandise!)
  • womensworkoutchannel — for booty exercises, this is my go-to!
  • GymRa
  • Tracy Campoli
  • Vicki Justiz
  • Popsugar
  • Psyche Truth — for yoga-type workouts
  • Fitness Blender

I then finish my workouts with a cool-down stretch routine by Lucy Wyndham-Read, which is really really good.

Sometimes I also do 30-day challenges, such as Blogilates’ squat and plank challenges, which I did a few times last year.