Featured Amongst the Influencers?

This will be a super short post, but yes this happened!

LookVine asked me – yep, this small blogger right here! – to be featured on their blog. Obviously I accepted on the spot, because opportunities like this do not just happen to me.

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Screenshot 2018-05-16 18.00.14
Does this make me an influencer now?!

I hope this will lead to many more collaborations with this website. Watch this space!



Met Gala 2018

First Monday of May is always the most stellar night of the year in the fashion world. The Met Gala, otherwise known to us average Janes and Joes as the most fashionable night of the year, did not disappoint. The exhibition this year was called “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”.

Since I’m no expert, I will just gush and praise my favourite outfits from last night. And there were plenty of them, just so you know. The list below is just my personal opinion, remember we don’t all have to like all the same things so be nice! 🙂

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My Opinion on… Spring/Summer ’18 Trends

Some of you may be wondering why the heck I am posting about fashion when I don’t have any sense of fashion. And neither am I a fashion blogger. But I do have strong opinions on some trends, which I have in one way or another:

  1. Tried and liked
  2. Tried and failed at
  3. Tried and hated
  4. Somewhere in between.

As stated above – which I will repeat – this is ONLY my opinion on SS18 trends. Not going to bash designers or people that oppose my opinion. I respect everyone’s opinion 🙂 Let me know what your thoughts are of similar posts in the future!

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Zaful Haul/Try-On

I have been meaning to this post for a while, but I’ve been super busy with work. A while ago I posted a wishlist for Zaful, and they reached out to me and I decided to post the outfit I bought from their website, including current promotions!

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Clothing/Beauty Haul – Easter Special

I went shopping this week to celebrating the end of my 9-day Easter Holidays (perks of working in the education industry I guess!), and seized the day when mum offered to go shopping together. We spent a whole day buying clothes and accessories. Ready to see what I got?!

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Zaful Wishlist // SUMMER SPECIAL!

It has been a while since my last wishlist. I’ve done wishlists mostly to satisfy my ‘surf-shopping’ desires and not actually buy things. My necessity to buy things has long gone… until now! I’ve been looking at clothes over at Zaful (again!) and wow-ee do they have nice and fashionable clothes for the summer!

Current promotions
on Zaful include:

Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.02.13
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***** Buy 4 Get 1 Free *****

Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.09.01
Click here

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Map My Style #4

Happy weekend everyone! Welcome to the first part of this fortnightly series where I fill in the book ‘May my Style’ by Dom and Ink, which I bought from Asos a while ago. It’s been out of stock for a while, so you can also find it on Amazon. It’s a book similar to ‘Wreck this Journal’ by Keri Smith. I hope you enjoy this series, out every other Saturday!

The aim of this series is to get to know me more but with a fun twist.

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