An Open Letter To The People Who Left Me Behind

Dear people who left me behind,

Thank you.

It is not a sarcastic thank you, as you might be thinking. I actually mean it. Thank you.

Thank you for cutting me out of your life.

Thank you for your short-lasting friendship. It taught me a lot. A lot more than I anticipated really.

Thank you for giving me light and guidance.

Thank you for listening to me, or at least acknowledge my presence in your life if you never bothered listening.

Here’s why I’m thanking you…

Because you have shown me what real friendship is, and who my real friends are. You have also given me the strength to pick myself up and actually listen to myself and my body. You taught me that friendships come and go. It breaks my heart that you cannot witness how stronger I have become since we last talked. It’s probably for the best though, you know.

Overall, I’m doing fine in case you were wondering. And I hope you are too. Because I genuinely care about you, and you know it. In our short friendship, you knew me more than I knew myself. I poured my heart out to you in my darkest of times. We also shared some good memories too! I think of those good times and cherish them even though you are no longer around to reenact them.

I have to say maybe it is for the best because I am doing wonderful on my own. I hope you are doing well and are happy with everything you have in life. But, our lives are on their own paths now, which may never cross again, and this is my letter to you saying I am just fine.

Peace and Love,

The person you left behind.