I went shopping and I bought some stuff! ~Haul

So as the title states, I went shopping on Monday with my sister, and I bought some really cool stuff! Granted it would have been more if I wasn’t so careful!! I asked myself how much I really needed these items, and well… you be the judge of whether I actually need these or not šŸ˜‰

This striped multicoloured jumpsuitĀ from New Look is what summer is all about! Stripes, light material and many, many colours! I think it also goes well with flats and the big bonus is that you can wear ANYTHING with those colours with it!

The second thing I got is this yellow t-shirt with front knotĀ (or is it mustard?). I bought this so that I can team it up with a pair of jeans and sneakers for a casual look at work!

I also have the multicoloured and black versions of this rust ribbed dressĀ from New Look. They are my go-to for warm, sunny days because they’re very flowy and look nice for any outing!

This pair of white and nude sneakersĀ are from Dorothy Perkins. Even though I have a pair of white Converse knockoffs, I needed a pair of white sneakers without a trunk, and these looked super cute!

Contrasting retro sport jacket

I have wanted a retro looking bomber for a while, so IĀ had to buy thisĀ retro-looking contrast bomberĀ from Bershka. Who said jackets had to look a boring khaki or brown for winter?!

Jogging trousers with side stripe

Something to style with the jacket above is this pair of maroon jogging trousers, which I will probably also wear with the white sneakers i mentioned. The length at first threw me off but then I put on the white sneakers I had bought beforehand and I changed my mind.

Polo-style bodysuit with zip

I’ve wanted a bodysuit for so long, because my shirts are always riding up. The first one to actually fit me is thisĀ striped black bodysuitĀ from Bershka.


After my Rimmel compact powder finished, I wanted something better, and I think this Golden Rose compact powder in shade 09 was a great pick. I’ve used it almost daily since buying it. It feels so smooth against my skin and it comes with a small applicator pad (what are they called? Completely clueless!)

Tea Tree Targeted Gel 2.5ml

I have featured thisĀ Tea Tree Targeted GelĀ from The Body Shop time and time again on my hauls and favourites, and for good reason! It works wonders on blemishes and cysts.

Mandarin Energising Face Mist 60ml

I have featured several hydrating mists on my blog, but this face mist from The Body Shop is the first scented one I have owned ever, and it works wonders during hot summer days!

Since I cannot find them online, I’ll just list these. From Flying Tiger, I got:

  1. A salad container with a plastic fork and dressing container [I’ll be using them for my pasta!]
  2. A nail clipper [which is super good!]
  3. A 20 pkt grip seal bags with SLOTHS on them [can you tell I love sloths?! If no see next item…]
  4. A 20 pkt napkins with a sloth hugging a llama wearing party hats [sooo adorable!]

latahapparel code



Zaful Haul/Try-On

I have been meaning to this post for a while, but I’ve been super busy with work. A while ago I posted a wishlist for Zaful, and they reached out to me and I decided to post the outfit I bought from their website, including current promotions!

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Clothing/Beauty Haul – Easter Special

I went shopping this week to celebrating the end of my 9-day Easter Holidays (perks of working in the education industry I guess!), and seized the day when mum offered to go shopping together. We spent a whole day buying clothes and accessories. Ready to see what I got?!

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End of Year 2017 HAUL!

If you find a better way than a BIG HAUL to start the blogging year on a better note, you are sadly mistaken. I went shopping on the 29th and 30th of December since I’m donating many of my things to make space for new ones. You know, the “out with the old, in with the new” theory, which I am trying to implement this year, where for every object I buy, I need to get rid of one. Either by donating or – if not in good conditions – throw away… so many choices!

On the 29th, I only went to two stores – Kiabi and Matalan, while on the 30th, I spent the whole day – literally from 9am till 4pm! – shopping in the capital of shopping in Malta: Sliema.

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On the 7th day of Christmas, my credit card gave to me…: A Christmas [mini] Haul

Hello my beautiful internet friends! Yesterday was my first proper shopping spree in what seems like ages, probably since before I bought my car back in November, and boy did I need it! Even though I didn’t buy much, I went to spend almost ā‚¬150, which for me, is a huge amount. but they were all things I somehow needed, especially the jeans I bought.

Here’s what I got from the two shops I visited: New Look and Dorothy Perkins, both in Valletta.

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London Beauty Haul

Greeting my beautiful friends! I may have been back two whole weeks but I never really had the energy to actually put this post together for you. I’m sorry. I was feeling very depressed, and all I wrote were depressing posts or ones that were written ages ago and just proofread and published, and the heatwave (nicely named Lucifer, and I am not making this up!) in Malta didn’t help either.

But I’m back to being myself now, and cannot wait what beauty products I bought when I was in London…

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What I Got For Christmas

Merry belated Crimbo everybody! Hope you had an amazing time with your family and friends like I did! It’s the first Christmas in a long, long time where I am genuinely happy, and my family is one.

But anyways, this post isn’t about that… it’s about all the good stuff I got!

… starting from


So as to avoid spending excessive amounts of money, my class and another (the crew, as I like to call it) decided to go for lunch instead of giving presents. In my opinion, it was a great idea. We got to laugh and chat about life, and it was nice. We went to Palazzo Preca, just a few doors away from where we work. The service was excellent, and so was the food.


From all the students in my class (my cheeky little monkeys, whom I love with all my heart!) gave me vouchers, which I can redeem at a lot of local shops. I appreciated their thought… and being the sensitive person I am, I was almost reduced to tears.

p50054rThe student I help in class gave me the most beautiful necklace fromĀ perfumes&more. He almost gave me a fright when he told me he needed to talk to me outside of class, but when he took out the wrapped box and card, I laughed so hard he thought I had gone cray. The pendant has a twisted thingy with crystals embedded, and the end has a pearl attached to it. I promised him I’d wear it for Christmas Eve… and I did!


loki-36-mcuFrom my BFF, who knows me more than anyone else (sorry, fam and bae), bought me a
Loki Funko POP… and it has a freakingĀ bobble head! Even though it was more than enough, she called the gift a “little something” and promised she’d get me something more special from London. I freaking love her, needless to say!


Even though I haven’t met them in a while, they still managed to amaze me with their gifts, because it was like they knew what I really wanted (ahem… bae… ahem…). I spent Boxing Day morning at his, and we played two PS games, one which I don’t know the name of and Injustice. I actually beat him at Injustice one time… and I’d never touched a PS in my entire existence! I was proud of myself there and then!

wallet-camel-3-thumb2xHis parents gave me this amazing camel wallet from Parfois. And just a day before on Christmas, I was thinking of buying a new wallet from the sales!

originalHis sister gave me a perfume from Zara. It’s called Floral from their Day Collection, and it smells DIVINE. The packaging was lilac, one of my favourite colours after purple and green.



4129bnds0tl-_sx300_20161226_213443[1].jpgFirst up are my parents! After almost giving me a
positive heart attack with a SINGING DONKEY – yes, you read right… Singing. Donkey. – they gave me a pair of festive socks and money. Thankssss!

http3a2f2fmedia-topshop-com2fwcsstore2ftopshop2fimages2fcatalog2f21n88gmul_largeNext up are my sestra and boyfriend. They got me four – yes, that’s right… 4. Quattro. Quatre. – presents, starting from the funny one to the one I wanted badly. The funny one is this floating pug plug for the bath. I called him Robert Jr., since the duck plug we bought from London is called Robert Sr..
Second gift I got was a jammy set; the top says Cupcakes for BreakfastĀ 20161226_21425401(YASSSS), and the pants have lots of hearts on them, and are longer than my legs with my Cookie Monster fuzzy slippers (Fact)! 20161226_2138141
Third gift is this beautiful heart-shaped, two-storey jewellery storage box, which I will be filling with earrings, rings and pins in the future.
Last but not least, is the MEGA gift, which is a SilverCrest hairdryer. I’d wanted my own (first-hand and not full of sticky tape) hair dryer in forever, and so they got me one.



Leaving the best for last, as he’d been showering me with gifts – both abstract and concrete – since we first started dating back in March. He first gave me a cute brown dog with blue sparkly eyes, which I named Dean, and then he gave me a rare Beatles LP from Budapest, and several games, namely The Sims 4, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us and Hearthstone. And I enjoy playing them, especially with him.

Now for the Crimbo presents…

mortal-kombat-x-enhanced-online-beta-headerPart 1 was a game I’d wanted since forever, which is Mortal Kombat X. I’d say ‘Fatality’ every time he fails at something or as a joke, and now I can the game itself!

Second, as he told me, is “something of everyday cute-chinese-pug-dog-cookie-puppy-animal-pet-lovely-companion-mouse-pad-0-500x421use”… it turned out to be a mouse pad, with a pug staring hungrily at a crumb of food. Looove it!

brown-warm-cross-bag-9439970-lrgLast one was “something of almost every day use”… The result? This beautiful camel crossover bag from Parfois, which matches the wallet I got from his mum.




Yes, you, reading this post down to the end of it, which is this part. You gave me the present of understanding and inspiration to write more and more of these posts. You give me hope and a reason to do what I love doing more than anything else in the whole, wide world, which is writing.

Stay safe this festive season, and I will see you in the next one!