Why I don’t attend events… and why it’s OK

Welcome back to my blog! It has been several days since my last post, and I had some very dark days full of contemplations and thinking. As the title states, I’ll be talking to you about why you don’t – and probably won’t – see me talking about blogging events.

If you may recall I have talked about two, which you can read about here and here. Now as a blogger, one must attend events and promote both yourself and other brands. Now I’m aware I’m more of a mental health/lifestyle blogger than a fashion blogger, but I am yet to be invited to any more events.

Social anxiety

My severe social anxiety prevents me from interacting with new people, especially in public events. Seeing new faces, being around so many people… all these make me insecure, and set my heart beating faster than it should. I get sweaty, my hands super clammy and I would have to leave before anyone sees my make-up – or lack thereof – become a heck of a mess.

The first event I went to was beauty-related, and I was technically not invited to it, as even members of the public were aware of the event and could attend cost and ticket free.

The second – and latest – event I attended was the only one I was formally invited to. And I had my boyfriend to reassure me with every step I took. And it was he best night ever, because it brought women together, and also because it is one step forward for me to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

Not a fashion blogger

I can guarantee you that no matter how hard I try, I will never be one. I’ve posted one lookbook, and my fashion sense is a little whack (best described by Weezer in Beverly Hills). But you know, I try. I may fail most of the time but at least I tried. I don’t have anyone to take photos of me – my boyfriend hates it, and I honestly don’t want to force him. And besides, I dress up in the same clothes CONSTANTLY and barely evet buy new clothes unless it’s an emergency and I am lacking something.


If you look through bloggers’ social medias, they’re constantly out and about with fellow bloggers. They hang out, collaborate and take photos of each other. Where am I in all this? scrolling through their feeds and seeing them hang out. I know several local bloggers, and they know me too. And yet, still scrolling through, wishing to be included.

What freebies…

You know how bloggers get freebies from promoting a brand/company/product? Well, I don’t! I contacted time and time again several companies I am quite passionate about and yet, nothing. How long do I have to pester them? Let me know below!

Just a mental health blogger?

No. The answer is no. I honestly have potential to delve into many blogging niches, but then again…

Do not take offence in any of this if you’re a local blogger. I am just stating my thoughts, so I will be signing off here,



Stranger Things, we need answers! *SPOILERS AHEAD*

It has been almost two weeks since the second season of Stranger Things premiered on Netflix. I’ve already done a post on why you should watch the series. In this post, WHICH CONTAINS SPOILERS BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!, I will be discussing some questions we have been asking throughout the two seasons, which are still unanswered. The answers which are out there may be speculations or fan theories.

Read along!

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“It’s what I want to do.”

I have probably said this sentence so many times in my life that I actually do not know if it – whatever ‘it’ could be – actually is what I want to do.

Hello everyone, sorry for the absence. I’ve been having some few thoughts on what I want to do with my life… is it too soon for a 23-year old to have an existential crisis?

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REVIEW: Holler and Glow purrfect pedi Sock Mask

Why hello there! Hope your September is going good like mine so far! I have two weeks until I start my new job, so I have some time to kill… which I can do by reviewing some products! So sit back and enjoy the fails!

Today we will be reviewing the
Holler and Glow purrfect pedi Sock Mask

which I got from Primark at just £4.

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Mazia’s Favourites Subscription Box – UNBOXING

Greeting my beautiful friends!
It’s raining right now in my home country, and what better way to spend time indoors
than to unbox Marzia’s Limited Edition SUMMER FAVES BOX?
I love Marzia a lot; her style is very similar to mine – cute and girly yet comfy and sporty at the same time – and she is downright beautiful.

I have received another one of her subscription boxes in the past, and was really looking forward to trying this one. Let’s see what’s inside shall we?

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Why ‘Stand by Me’ is the best coming-of-age movie

“By the time we get there, the kid won’t even be dead anymore.”

I don’t even know what to say because this coming-of-age movie is like no other. Every coming-of-age that has been created since then has been influenced by it in some way, whether they know it or not. Never has a movie made me feel so nostalgic and the way it was able to bring me back to when I was 12 years old was unbelievable, thanks to director Rob Reiner.

This is not just a movie, but a tribute to every kid who ever had one of those crazy group of friends when they were young that are hard to forget. What “Stand By Me” taught us was that whether those people are still in our lives or if they were just a passing stage in our lives, you will never have friends later on like the ones you had when you were twelve.

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