#ClaireRants: Why I don’t plan giveaways

Greetings my beauties, and welcome back to my blog! As you can tell from the title, it is yet another irrelevant and ambiguous rant. It won’t be a long post like the others. In fact, I want everything to be kept as short as possible to avoid misleadings and detours of any sort.

Now if you’re a local reader – in which case, hello sbieħ tiegħi! – you know that about two years ago, I hosted a giveaway to commemorate my one-year blogiversary and a pretty good number of people participated and eventually the winner was picked at random. Out of this, I got lots of likes on my Facebook page, Instagram account and on here too.

But in the end, it got me thinking…

Why do bloggers and influencers plan giveaways to celebrate their achievement? I’m aware that it’s a way of thanking people for following their “journey” or whatever they call it, and to be fair, I don’t really get why.

As a blogger, I want people to read my blog to learn and not to get something materialistic in return. And besides, I don’t get sponsors or free items because I’m not a stick-thin influencer with good looks, an array of clothes and a personal photographer, so I’m apparently not classified as neither a blogger nor an influencer.

I know what some of you might say: why don’t you buy the items yourself?! Honey, my paycheck barely gets me through the month as we speak. With a minimum wage, a car, monthly fees and groceries, the rest is saved up for more important and expensive things, like a future place or a nice trip to relax after a long year of work.

So bottom line: the majority of giveaways are easy-access promotions for a blogger’s account and the brand itself. And I’m not a fan of that at all.

Read my blog for knowledge and entertainment, but don’t expect any giveaway anytime soon… unless someone’s nice and sponsors me. In that case, a giveaway will follow 😉


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Malta Fashion Week 2018: Best Dressed


Greetings beauties! This post has been a LONG time coming, but I did a LOT of research for the images on Instagram as they were mostly posted there. As you can tell from the title, I will be taking a look at my favourite looks from this year’s Malta Fashion Week and Malta Fashion Awards.

As usual, these are my honest opinions and doesn’t mean that anyone not mentioned didn’t have a great outfit because, to be honest with you, I loved them ALL. Many wore local designers and that alone really made it tough for me to pinpoint a few outfits.

Also make sure you follow these amazing local bloggers/influencers because their influence on me is significant. They keep me going ❤

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Second Year of Blogging: The Brutal Truth


This is a post on my second blogiversary. Simple? Well literally speaking yes, but the backstory is a tad bit more complex than that. But let’s not get into that just yet. Last year, I had lots of ideas round this time – my first blogiversary – and wrote two posts about the celebration: My 1st Year of Blogging in Numbers and What I’ve Learnt during my First Year of Blogging. It was, for me, all sunshine and rainbows because look for far I’d come! From very few views to hundreds of them every month!

This year round, I decided to take a slightly different route.

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Dim the Spotlight on… Audrey Hepburn [#4]


If you don’t know who Audrey Hepburn is, then where were you all your life? She was dubbed the most beautiful woman year after year. And, well, look at her!

This is the person in question in the late 1950s. Now you recognise her? Perhaps you might know her from this photo then…

I have seen her most popular movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which is where this photo is taken from, just last weekend and… wow. I can see why people loved her. Her energy, charisma and chemistry on camera with her costars was undeniable.

What some might not know, however, is that behind the cameras, she battled clinical depression and a speculated (therefore not diagnosed) eating disorder.

Let’s get on with it shall we?

Rough Upbringing

A teenage Hepburn bravely ran missions for the Dutch resistance and dramatically escaped from Nazi soldiers herding her off to a labor camp by hiding for a month in a rat-filled cellar, living on scraps.

Although she binged on Belgian chocolate as a youngster, her wartime near-starvation drove Audrey Hepburn to “resent” food: the beginnings, of an eating disorder that would affect the wafer-thin actress for the rest of her life.

“I decided to master food; I told myself I didn’t need it,” Hepburn said of her war years. “Of course, I took it to an extreme. I forced myself to eliminate the need for food.” For years after, she suffered survivor’s guilt, haunted by images of friends and neighbors being dragged off to die.

More on this later.

Love and Depression

While she went on to fame and an Oscar in such movies as “Roman Holiday” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” she was trailed by depression as a result of several miscarriages and her failed marriage to actor Mel Ferrer.

Also chronicled in the book Audrey Hepburn: An Intimate Portrait is her affair with a then-married William Holden, whom she dumped after finding out he had undergone a vasectomy and would never be able to provide her with children. Her second marriage to Italian psychiatrist, Dr. Andrea Mario Dotti, was short-lived, a victim of Dotti’s incessant philandering.

The ED that wasn’t?

One of the biggest sources for the rumor that Audrey Hepburn suffered from anorexia and possibly even depression is her youngest son, Luca Dotti’s, Audrey at Home: Memories of My Mother’s Kitchen (excellent book with personal insights, by the way). In this book, he states that for much of her life she was very underweight, weighing only 88lbs. He also said that she had very strange eating habits, that were part of her disorder.

Wolders, Audrey’s last partner before she died, totally dismisses the claim about Audrey being anorexic by saying that it is “absolute bullsh_t, she had a good metabolism.”

Even Audrey’s second ex-husband Dotti, a psychoanalyst who specializes in these types of eating disorders, agrees with Wolder by saying she always maintained a “healthy but disciplined diet, based on her youthful training as a ballet dancer.” – Source People Magazine 1994

Up until Luca Dotti’s book was released, most people thought her slender figure was due to her intense ballet training. Ballet dancers are usually slim and slender, and often have boyish figures. It was not unbelievable that this was a natural result of the training and exercise that Audrey Hepburn went through in order to become a dancer.

Audrey Hepburn Anorexia ?

As said above, as a child, Audrey was known for her love of chocolate. She was said to have loved Belgium chocolate so much that her mother had the kitchen staff hide her favorite treat. Audrey herself was even known to have said that chocolate was her one and only true love. It is hard to believe that a child who loved chocolate so much would grow up to be naturally thin. As several people, have pointed out, at the very least Audrey Hepburn had a strange relationship with food. While there is little concrete evidence that she was anorexic, she certainly had some known strange behaviors when it came to what and when she ate.

Reasons that prove Hepburn was NOT anorexic

  • Her closest family members, two sons, two ex-husbands, and last recent partner who spent time with Audrey the most claim that she was not anorexic
  • Her close friends and people who she hung out with on the sets of movies claimed that she always ate pretty good portions and had a good appetite, especially for spaghetti
  • She was a ballerina. In other words, she was an athlete. This is not just some hobby of hers, she trained to become a prima ballerina as her career
  • She was very energetic and didn’t complain about having chronic fatigue, which a lot of anorexic people complain about having

And that’s basically it!

Did Audrey Hepburn have an eating disorder? And why do you think so?

Let me know in the comments below 🙂 See you in the next one


Youtubers/Bloggers Who Talk About Their Mental Health Problems/Illnesses


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Facebook // Instagram // Youtube // Blog // Twitter

As a teenager, Kirsten suffered from depression and anxiety. At the beginning, she neither knew what she had nor who to talk to. This was until she started Googling and realised that there were others like her.

She has been creating mental health content for over 4 years, and her videos are more factual and realistic than medical, which was her aim all along. Despite her dream of working in film, she actually ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.



Youtube // Twitter // Tumblr // Instagram // Facebook

A mental health sufferer herself, Marina is a self-proclaimed feminist, with her own series called ‘Feminist Fridays’ on her channel. In one of her videos, she admits to not knowing she had depression despite her subscribers knowing she had the symptoms of the mental health illness. She is currently majoring in Women’s Studies.


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Blog // Youtube // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

Probably the most popular person on this list, Zoella has been quite outspoken on her struggles with social anxiety. But that didn’t stop her…

She’s published her own books and has her own beauty line. If this doesn’t inspire you to do more in life, I don’t know what will!

Kiera Rose

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Youtube // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

This gorgeously tattooed green-eyed beauty has been outspoken on both her and her boyfriend’s battles with mental health illnesses. Kiera also suffers from dermatillomania, which is a mental disorder characterized by the repeated urge to pick at one’s own skin, often to the extent that damage is caused.

John Green

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Twitter // Blog // Facebook // Instagram // Youtube

Everyone knows him either as one half of the vlogbrothers, or as the author of the highly-successful novel Fault in Our Stars.

But did you know he’s a mental health sufferer? Yes, that’s right. John Green has opened up several times on his OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) on his Youtube channel.

Becki Brown

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Youtube // Twitter // Instagram // Facebook

Becki is mostly known for her video which records the progress of her hair loss due to trichotillomania (which is an impulse control disorder characterised by a long term urge that results in the pulling out of one’s hair) alongside other events of her life. Since that, she has been posting regularly on social media, and has been very open on the stigma surrounding mental health.

Danielle Mansutti

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Youtube // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Blog

A beauty both on the outside (as if you cannot see it!) and inside, Danielle opened up about her battles with social anxiety and depression back in 2016 in two separate videos. She even has a whole playlist dedicated to mental health-related videos.

Kati Morton

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Blog // Twitter // Youtube // Facebook // Instagram

Kati is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who also creates Youtube content, building a global mental health online community, across a variety of platforms. Her videos are humorous and entertaining and educational at the same time.


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Youtube // Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Blog

In his video ‘My Depression Story’, he stated that while the subject is quite sensitive, he did not want to make the video sad, and that he is doing MUCH better now. He’s talked about himself and fellow Youtubers – his personal friends IRL – who have also battled with mental health. He tweets about mental health very often, using his usual banter, but it is not to make fun of other sufferers, but more to cheer others up.

Millie Smith

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Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Youtube // Blog

This red-haired mother-of-one student nurse has been all over social media to promote body positivity and breaking the stigma surrounding the former and mental health, which she suffers from. If you’re looking for someone inspirational, realistic and brutally honest, she’s the person to follow. Her fiance also posts body positive photos, aimed for a male audience, on his Instagram.

Bloggers you need to follow… like, now.

Welcome back to my blog, beautiful creatures! Hope you’re all doing as well as I am. As you can tell by the title, this post is about bloggers which I follow and so should you… right. NOW.

Now I follow a LOT of amazing bloggers, both local and international, but I wrote a list of 4 local and 4 international bloggers which I chose at random (which is important to point out because it doesn’t mean I don’t like the other fellow local bloggers. I love each and every one of them!)

int blog (1)

Helen Anderson


I’ve been subscribed to Helen’s main channel for YEARS now – probably over three or four years – and have only recently subscribed to her vlogging channel, on which she uploads daily. She is not only a trendsetter, but also studied film and moving images before she became a blogger. She is also a singer in the band Box of Lights.

Helen is also known for her bomb-ass tattoos and constant hair colour changes. I. Freaking. Love. Her.

Currently living in Norwich with fiancé Matthew Taylor.


Marzia Bisognin


Where do I even begin to describe this blogger? She inspires me to embrace my weirdness while still loving fashion and re-inventing myself. I’ve been subscribed to her since before she hit her 1 millionth subscriber on Youtube.

Her blog features the most amazing sceneries and fashion pieces, with the random pug here and there. (I think it should be noted that she actually has two pugs, Maya and Edgar).

She’s not only a blogger, but also a fashion designer and author. Seriously though, is there anything this girl can’t do?!

She is currently living in Brighton with her boyfriend Felix, a.k.a PewdiePie.


My Life’s a Movie


I found out about this female travel blogger when I read an article about how she was judged for travelling solo and was in awe at her courage to just ignore the judging and move on with her life. Her only companion? Her GoPro.

Her Instagram account is all about the places she has visited, and will give you serious wanderlust.


Naturally Stefanie

Processed with MOLDIV

This article is just about everything you need to know about the pint-sized Scottish beauty. Form her accent, to her face, hair and body to DIE for, she is the epitome of veganism.

Instagram – Youtube

loc blog (1).png

Arguably Kelly


I haven’t known her for a long time – just a few months or so – but I’ve heard of her blog a while before I made contact with her on Linkedin. She’s witty, open-minded and we have the same tastes… only she’s a better writer than me. Fact.


Lyndsey Grima


I’ve known Lyndsey on Facebook for years, but we’ve never met. She is probably the first Maltese blogger I’ve ever started following, and still do. Not only does she post tips, hauls and amazing beauty reviews, but she is also chronicling the biggest step in her life: moving to Glasgow. And I love reading about this new step in life.


Cruelty Free Malta


The only cruelty-free blog hailing from my home country, I’ve started talking to Fiona, the amazing bomb woman behind the blog, over the last few months. She’s probably the nicest (and only blogger) I’ve talked to on a regular basis. I look forward to her next posts in aim to lead a more animal friendly life.


Alexandra Butters

Image result for alexandra butters

Beautiful and equally smart, Alexandra’s blog consists of make-up tips, beauty, lifestyle and reviews. I remember during my first event, I had to make a double take when I saw because I thought I was seeing double (really… don’t judge me please!) and then found out I was a sane person and she actually has an identical twin. By identical, I mean a 100% photocopy of herself.

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Stay tuned for a very special and emotional blog post coming up tomorrow evening!
x x x x x x x x x