PSA// I am doing a thing!

I didn’t know what else to write as a title so as to give away little to nothing as to what I am currently up to, but here we are! I have hinted at this for the longest of time, but I’ve finally put some work on said ‘thing’, and I can FINALLY talk about it!



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Banggood Wishlist

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Goooooooood afternoon my beautiful friends! And welcome to yet another wishlist. Can you tell I’m a dreamer with all these wishlists? I bet! Today’s wish list was brought to you by the great people from Banggood.

I’ll be honest, I’d never bought from this website before, but after seeing the things they sell, I made this wishlist with all the things I found amazing from the website.

Banggood is currently celebrating their 11th anniversary, and have these bomb promotional activities going on:

So without further ado, here is my wishlist…



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/// Number 13 is a bonus because it took me a while to decide between which dress to include, whether it was number 12 or 13… so I made the decision to include both!

As usual, I included a variety of items, spanning from clothes and beauty products to jewellery and accessories. Which of these items did you like? Check out their promotional links above for amazing offers for their eleventh anniversary!

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#ClaireNotes – July 2017

Back in Retail


This was unexpected for me, but I’m back in retail… part-time. Well, just for now. I’m working in a popular clothes’ shop and I’ve been doing it since the beginning of July with hopes to earn a little extra on the side to get myself my first car.

I never thought I would be back working in sales and retail. I was done with that part-time job for almost two years, but here I am… and I love it!

School in Summer…?

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As if working in retail was not enough, I also have another part-time: a child supporter in one of the children centres for the next two months. I’d applied ages ago, but was only chosen (I was 62nd) Thursday 6th, and had to go sign a contract on my only day off that week: Friday.

This is my first time working in a summer school, and I hope I get to  grow more as an LSA.

Making up my Mind

Image result for over thinking drawing

This month was very tough, as I’d found out I won’t be working in the same school again. The past two years were great and I fell in love with both the place and the workers there. What’s done is done now, and I need to move forward.

I applied for a few more jobs, some of which are not education-related, and I am still to decide what I want career-wise. I have put a lot of thinking these past few days since I got the bad news, but I don’t talk about it much with others. My mind is about to explode, and I speak very little about it.

But I’m doing okay… I’ve made my decision and am feeling much better now.

A Leap of Faith: Things are Changing…

“Clean” Eating

For some people, eating clean means being healthy and cutting down on junk food and add up the fruits and vegetables. Since I’m a junkie at heart and have probably had a total of five vegetables in my 23 years of life, I am taking a different approach to this whole clean eating thing: incorporating more and more vegetables in my diet until I can ultimately limit my junk food intake. SOunds easy? It’s not. Not for me, at least. But I’m trying, which counts.


After being contacted by Comino Magazine to be a regular collaborator, I had to accept the opportunity. “But what will happen to your blog?” It will still be here. “And you?” Yes, me too.

This is not only an opportunity to help a fellow blogger, but also myself to be a better writer and get my work out there, which is outside of my sassy, realistic and blunt blog.

New Job?

The question mark is so important in this case which is why I decided to underline it. With the driving exams (practical and theory) fast approaching, which means I need to save up for a car from now (or should I have started before?!?!), I decided to get a part-time job for the summer, as a Fashion Advisor (fancy) in a popular retail shop in a popular mall in Malta. I started this week, and so far, I love it!

… But wait! I might have a day job as a Support Worker for children during summer.

Shigh. So many things, so little time.


This was an unexpected thing, but I’ve started taking fish oil vitamins. They were recommended to me by my psychiatrist to help with my concentration and memory. I’m going on week three and I’ve seen a mental transformation in relation to memory and how I process thoughts. I’ve taken vitamins before but they made me more tired and physically sick, but these are really good so far! I am taking one capsule of Pharmepa RESTORE | 1000 mg pure EPA omega-3 fish oil a day.

Sunshine Blogger Award!

Around a week ago, I was nominated for my first award by the lovely Caroline. The rules are pretty simple . . .

Thank the blogger who nominated them and link back to their blog

Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated them

Nominate 11 other blogs and give them 11 new questions to answer

Notify your nominees and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post

Here are the questions I have been asked:

Why do you blog?

I blog not only because I’ve always wanted to or because I’ve been writing since I learned how to, but most especially to spread awareness on the stigma on mental health. To enjoy life and spread peace and love, one must be in love with his inner self, and that is what I advocate for.

What is your first memory?

Wow, um… I honestly have no idea. I never really thought about it, but I think it would be when I was still in Year 6 (9-10 years of age) and it suddenly hit me that in Year 7 I’d be separated from most of my friends, especially the male ones since I was going to an all-girls school. What can I say? I was a bit of a boy magnet!

If you were a painter, what would you paint?

I would paint something that makes people feel relaxed and at peace and loved, and they get the urge to spread those positive feelings everywhere they go. If I had to choose a painting that, in my opinion, represents that to me, it would be Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.

If you could live in any book, which would it be and why?

Many would say Harry Potter, but would you really want to live in a world where Umbridge was alive?! I think not! I’d probably live in the world of Coraline by Neil Gaiman, because it is so beautifully written. It’s a perfect example of a horror book appropriate for children.

What was your dream job when you were 5?

My earliest memory of talking about a career was when I was at a bank with my mother when I wasn’t even eight years old, and the nice lady banker asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I immediately replied, “A mummy.” She smiled and explained that anyone can be a mum. This was also a time where I thought babies were made when a man and a woman kissed.

After that, I think I’ve always been into jobs which required travelling: a tour leader, air hostess, museum curator, journalist, writer.

What is one thing you will never do?

Start a war. Literally, figuratively, hypothetically or metaphorically. War is never the solution to anything, but unfortunately not everyone agrees.

In an alternate reality, which country are you born/raised in?

Merseyside, Liverpool since the 1940s. I used to live in an area known as Speke, where my good friends George and Paul also lived. You might know them, they went on to became half of the very legendary band The Beatles.

If you could create a new food, what would it be and why?

A cake made entirely out of chips (fries for the Americans) and chicken and pizza. My mouth is currently watering at the thought!

What is your favorite smell/scent?

Tea and gasoline, the latter which I aware is really bad for my health, but I still love it.

What would be your superpower if you had one?

The ability to heal anyone and anything.

At some point in your life, would you like to know the future? (never, only under certain circumstances, absolutely, etc.)

Absolutely never! What if I turn out the opposite of who I am? I’d be devastated for sure! So no, I’ll live my life with lots of questions about my future, thank you very much.

My nominees are! . . .

  1. Alexandra
  2. Fiona
  3. Lyndsey
  4. Kezia
  5. Kelly
  6. Svetlana
  7. Caroline
  8. Yvonne
  9. Pavli
  10. Deborah
  11. Lara

My questions are! . . .

  1. What inspired you to blog?
  2. If you had to stick to one make-up brand for the rest of life, which would it be and why?
  3. Which is your favourite blog post?
  4. If you had to be one person – dead or alive – who would it be and what would be the first thing you did as this person?
  5. What’s your favourite place in the whole world?
  6. If you had to travel to the past in a particular decade, which would it be and why?
  7. What advice would you give to your younger self?
  8. Name three people you look up to.
  9. What is the one thing you never leave home without?
  10. What is your all-time favourite song?
  11. What advice would you give to beginner bloggers?

#ClaireNotes – March 2017

Back on the Treadmill! [Achieved]

This didn’t feel too hard to do as I’d wanted to go back to the gym for months and months. My boyfriend was the one who encouraged me to do so, but on one condition: he was going to be my workout buddy!treadmill2

Being back to the place where I felt most at ease felt sooooo good! One thing was missing though: the usual gym instructor/receptionist, who sadly passed away a few months ago. He’d usually greet me with a smile and would give me a tip or two while correcting my posture (one of my insecurities).

But putting all that aside, I enjoyed every second of it. I had my boyfriend to encourage me and praise my hard work (which I think wasn’t my hardest). I hope I’ll lose some weight while I’m at it! *wink wink*u

My first event! [Achieved]

I’ve already written a post about this, which you can read by clicking this, but here I will speak more about this on a personal level. I went there so nervous I was stinkingblogging-employees1-300x200 more of sweat that my macaroon-scented body mist spray. I arrived at the Beauty Plus store clueless and shaking, but thankfully I was greeted nicely and with open arms. I reunited with an old friend, met a new one and recognised a few bloggers I fangirl about (Alex, this is meant for you, you beautiful person ❤ !)

Overall, I had a lot of fun. I bought a LOT of products and also received an advice or two from a pro makeup artist!

First anniversary with my boyfriend ❤9c5f45042c29dfcf4c93182a5ec748b3

I’ve been waiting for this day since our first date… or first year together coming to a close ❤

I met him last year in mid-March while I was in the beginning of my recovery. I didn’t feel like a stranger around him. We talked and talked and talked a bit more… with a few laughs along the way. Our first day was one of the best nights of my life, because I knew I met Him. The One.

For our anniversary, we went on with our day: work and then gym session, and then we went for a romantic dinner at Mamma Mia restaurant.

What’s in store for me next month?

Stay tuned for my April Notes! XX

#BreaktheStigma… from the Survivors


“People think that OCD is all about being a neat freak or washing hands.”

“My friends and I were having a discussion about suicide, and one said that anyone who commits suicide is a selfish.”

“People think that anyone who commits suicide is selfish because they don’t think of the pain their family and friends go through.”

“I think that people in general think that mental health is not as important as physical illnesses. That’s why people are embarrassed to talk about what they’re going through, especially men.”

“For me, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is like being imprisoned – caged even – in my own brain to rules and such that I have to abide to to avoid something wrong from happening!”

“People think that just because I smile and joke a lot, that I am ‘normal’ and don’t have any type of mental disorders…”

“When people talk to me, it takes me a while to actually talk, if I actually manage to. They would just say ‘Oh she’s just shy’.”


“Reality is way more than anyone thinks. Intrusive thoughts galore and never a quiet moment in your head… guilt of past mistakes, obsessing over health issues and an irrational thought which makes it so scary you end up having a panic attack… What else…? Ohh, seeking reassurance from someone means you’ll be ok for a minute and then the thoughts come back and you ask again for reassurance. It’s a vicious cycle; it never stops.”

“You’re scared that you might hurt someone although you still know you’re not going to hurt someone but you still live with that fear….”

“I have read that some people were scared being around children . Because they are scared they hurt them.”

“Obsessing about sexual orientation. If you’re straight, you think you’re gay and vice versa . I haven’t had all of these but, I know they happen.”

“In reality, in some cases, the person thinks that the world will be a better place without them.”

“… The truth is, we smile and laugh a lot to hide and bury our sadness deeper and deeper, out of fear of judgement.”

“I am not just a shy person. I am just scared of being judged for seeming vulnerable.”

Disclaimer: What you just read have been and are in present time experienced by real people. If yourself or someone close to you are suffering from any of these symptoms, consult with a doctor and take it from there.

Y O U ‘ R E [N O T] A L O N E

B R E A K T H E [S T I G M A]



What February 26th means to me


Today’s the 26th February 2017.

No doy, Sherlock. We see it on the calendar. We know. – you might think. So what’s so special about this date anyway?

It’s actually one year since I’ve been in recovery. And these are some of the things I’ve learned during this time…

Life is Beautiful

Before this day, I just existed between the wall cracks of life. Now, however, I can honestly say I’m living. And Looking around me, I see the beautiful people around me, the sky that shines day and night, animals, happiness and overall a lot of LOVE.

Yes, there are still a lot of bad things that need to be fixed in this world, but at least we should cherish the good that we have, and use it in order to spread peace, love and equality all around.

Smiling makes ANYONE look beautiful

Not only does smiling show that you are happy, but it also automatically makes you beautiful. Ignore the missing tooth, or the damaged one, or the unwhitened teeth! Everyone is beautiful no matter what shape or size ❤

I absolutely love this photo that I took this morning. I think I radiate confidence, peace, love and happiness!

Recovery takes TIME

Okay, this one is a no-brainer. Like a physical injury, mental recovery takes time. I still get bad days. I actually had one just yesterday! You just need to find that someone or something that makes you feel better and try turning your day around. It’s easier said than done, but it’s worth the try.

Recovery starts WITHIN

No medicine. No treatments. Just YOUR MIND, BODY AND SOUL.

I am still taking medication for my anxiety, but recovery starts from WITHIN yourself. Change the way you look at things and life, be more open-minded and trust me, things WILL start turning around for you.

You just have to believe, and achieve 🙂

Calling for help is NOT a sin

I cannot stress this enough. I wish the text has lights blinking to grab everyone’s attention. Help doesn’t have to be professional if you’re not ready to take it up to that notch. Talk to a family member, a friend, your significant other, your colleagues, your boss… anyone you can trust really. Just open up and you’ll feel instantly better!

The post is written in green not for a random reason (or because it’s one of my favourite colours). It’s because it is the colour of Mental Health. So spread awareness in May, which is the Mental Health Awareness Month, and wear/write in/think Green.

Some Things That Need Clarification…

Just because I don’t post much about mental health, doesn’t mean I’m cured or have given up on the cause

I’ve had a few messages sent to me asking me how I went from talking on my struggles to posting more light-hearted posts. The simple answer is that I post what I feel like posting.

First off, why would I post just mental health posts if it makes people feel sorry for me? I realised that I want people to celebrate my life, not feel sorry for my past. I am stronger than I ever was, thank you very much.

Secondly, I am working a LOT on mental health outside of the blogging world. I get contacted DAILY by people who read my article on local websites (links above) and I guide them wherever I can.

So the answer is no. I have not given up on the cause. And neither am I cured. I struggle everyday. I just don’t show it.

When I give advice, it’s because I experienced the situation… so it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m giving a good advice

I give a whole bunch of advice to my friends, coworkers and even strangers over Facebook on how to be both physically and mentally better. But I always make it clear that I am not in any shape, way or form a professional, and that they should consult a proper doctor/psychologist/therapist.

I just give advice for a temporary “fix”. Professionals can give a more permanent fix, and can put you on medications or sign you up for any necessary therapy.

I still struggle. Every day.

Not much can be said about this, except for what it says. I may be recovering better than anyone expected, but I still have my struggles. I would like to buy a camera to take better blog pictures with but I cannot afford it, because I spent a lot of money on medications and therapy. I have also invested a lot of money on driving lessons to get my license by the end of the year if possible, and on the biggest trip of my life with my best friend.

But I wouldn’t change any of this. Because this is

My life

My opinion