2017: A Summary

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Let’s be honest: a year is always better than the one before, but worse than the next. We all say that a year is full of ups and down, and that the next is going to be a good one. In this post, I will take a look at how my year went – what should and shouldn’t have been fixed – and what I am looking forward to next year.

  • E V E N T S

This year was full of events for me as a blogger and person.

The first event I attended in 2017was in February. It was a Beatles tribute put up by the Malta Philharmonic orchestra in aid of Qalb it-Tfal (Children’s Hearts). It was a remarkable even even though I had a meltdown. I recovered quickly.

Then in March, I attended my first event as a blogger, which I talked about here. I saw several other local bloggers, but since I had just started attending blogging events, I didn’t approach them.

In April, I attended a Michael McIntyre/Andrew Bird comedy show, and they sure delivered! They were realistic while, of course, funny.

This is not exactly an event in itself, but in July, I travelled to London with my BFF of over 10 years. Whilst there, I attended these plays/musicals:

  1. Hamlet – where I met and took a photo with the main actor, Andrew Scott (yes, Moriarty in the flesh!)
  2. School of Rock
  3. Harry Potter & the Cursed Child
  4. Annie – where I met and got Miranda Hart’s autograph!

August was when the biggest blogging event of the year occured. I was asked by the NFYWL Malta to take part in this event. All I had to do is get my picture taken without any make-up and write a testimony on mental health. Myself, along with 99 other amazingly remarkable women, were then featured in an exhibition. And I met the queen that is Tamara Webb

  • L O V E

This year, I celebrated my first anniversary with my boyfriend. I wrote this letter on my blog about how thankful I am to have met such a beautiful soul. If you like crying, I suggest you give it a read.

  • B L O G G I N G  A W A R D S

This year, I was nominated SIX TIMES for blogging awards! One of them – Blogger Recognition – was nominated to me twice.

Sunshine Blogger Award!

The Leibster Award!

Blogger Recognition Award!

Mystery Blogger Award!

The Versatile Blogger Award

Blogger Recognition Award! [2]

  • M Y  T O P  1 0  M O S T  L I K E D

Mazia’s Favourites Subscription Box – UNBOXING

Beauty Products I LOVED in 2017

REVIEW: Charcoal Teeth Whitening 2/5

REVIEW: Holler and Glow purrfect pedi Sock Mask

Why ‘Stand by Me’ is the best coming-of-age movie

What I’ve Learnt during my First Year of Blogging

Things to do on a rainy day

The Skinny on… my first Event as a Blogger

“It’s what I want to do.”

PSA// I am doing a thing!

  • F U T U R E

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What does 2018 hold for me? Another year of ups and down, blogging events (please invite me, I get lonely!), new friends (talk to me, I get lonely about this too!), collaborations, wishlists, hauls, MY FIRST VACATION WITH MY BOYFRIEND *which may include our friends too!), more education, more courses, more love, more hate, more loss.

You know, like every year.

With this, I bid this year farewell. You were a pain, but also a good kind of pain, you know? This is the last post for the year, so I will see you all in 2018! Happy new year!

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HUGE Sales Haul!

Greetings earthlings! Today was my first weekday of summer holidays and what better way to spend it than SALES SHOPPING?! Below are all the things I got, some of which were from the new collection. Enjoy!

PS. I say cute a lot in this post. Viewer discretion advised.

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#ClaireNotes – June 2017

New Beginnings?

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New beginnings… June was all about many changes in my life. A leap of faith, you may call it (will be doing a future post on this to go into further detail so eyes peeled for that one!).

I decided to take my physical and mental health more seriously than ever. With summer coming round, I had more time to kill, so I decided to rejoin the gym for three more month. And the progress is there but ever-so slightly.

I also took it upon myself to upgrade my blog plan from free to premium, which comes with more features, and will be working more on my blog than last year. We’re talking collaborations, guest writers, reviews and a lot more!

So you might ask why I have a question mark in the heading… Well, my job is on the line. As of now, writing the post and time of publishing, I still don’t know whether I will be employed for another year or not. It breaks my heart but has to be done (policies and whatever); fingers crossed I get chosen and spend another year with amazing colleagues!

Mental Health First Aid Course!

I have written about this a few days ago. I wanted to do something like this for the longest time, and I finally did it. For the next three years, I am a certified Mental Health First Aider!

The course was spread across two days, six hours each. For me, that was a short amount of time to cover mental health, so I hope the Richmond Foundation does more related courses in the future which are longer.

Summertime Happiness!

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Summer holidays started June 23rd at 1pm for me. I spent the whole day at a staff evaluation, where we engaged in a scavenger hunt around the beautiful city of Birgu in Malta. It was so much fun and we had a great laugh!

Some of the tasks we had to do included reenacting a marriage which featured a stranger as a bride or groom (in our team’s case we had two strangers for each role!), singing the Maltese national anthem holding the Maltese flag, taking selfies with as many strangers as possible and also doing the Harlem Shake.

We had points deducted from our team for arriving late at the meeting spot, and came in at second place. Sans the point deduction we would have been crowned winners!

So this was the month of June in a nutshell. Next month will be a special edition of #ClaireNotes because it will be all about LONDON! Really excited about this, and will probably be a whole bunch of places I’ve been to as opposed to sticking to just three goals, so stay tuned for that!

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#ClaireNotes – May

Juggling Things

No, I’m not joining a circus as a juggler. This month, life really took a toll with the amount of things that have been happening in my life: courses, personal matters, work stuff, family stuff, assignments, training for a new job and so much more.

But I got through it like a champ, I reckon.


6 exams. And two assignments. I haven’t had an exam since last year for my VET Secretarial Course, which was just one exam, but having SIX in a matter of three weeks is too overwhelming for me.

As at the time the post is published, I’ve only done 3 out of 6, and received an assignment result… a C! Which for me is… WOW.

One Year of Blogging!

12th May was my blog’s first birthday. I celebrated it with a few special posts – three to be exact.

My 1st Year of Blogging in Numbers

What I’ve Learnt during my First Year of Blogging

How I get Traffic on my Blog

I was also nominated for my first blogging award!

#ClaireNotes – April 2017

April has come to a close, which means we get to see what my month was like! Usually, I jot down three goals with hopes to achieve them, or highlight an event that took place, but this month was uneventful apart from two occasions, so instead of three goals I’ll be listing to.

Read along!

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#ClaireNotes – January 2017

Happy New Year, beautiful people! Hope you spent it the way your heart desired, just like myself.

As part of a new series inspired by Marzia, I will be writing down three things I want to do each month, and talk about achieving them (… or maybe not achieving them?), so let’s get started! I wrote all the notes on this diary from boohoo.com. Small and really portable since it’s quite small.


1. Clean Closet [Achieved]

… Particularly where I put my bags.

This had to be done months ago, but juggling work, my surprisingly amazing relationship and my severe procrastination, had proven harder than I imagined. Unfortunately, my photos got mysteriously deleted from my phone, so I have no evidence of what the mess looked like… but imagine this: tote bags, crossbody bags, backpacks, handbags, shoulder bags, clutch bags, messenger bags, and so so much more – covering all my bed and the patch of ground between my bed and wardrobe.

2. €200 Budget [Achieved]

With just over EUR50 left, I cannot believe I achieved this goal! I had a doctors’ appointment which cost me almost EUR85 including meds, two driving lessons, photocopies for work, mobile+transport card top ups and more.

Will probably do more budget-related challenges… maybe a EUR50 Outfit Challenge in the future?…

3. Declutter work desk… [Achieved]

This was particularly hard to do since I became a hoarder when I was diagnosed with depression, and I had so many papers and little trinkets lying about… even behind my laptop! But truly, clear space = clear mind

… and vanity [Achieved too]

I’d been wanting to clean my vanity for ages and I finally found some time… on a Sunday night. Cold. Rainy. I cleaned the jewellery box my sister gave me for Christmas in 2015, placing my pins, earrings and rings in the new one she gave me last Christmas. I also sorted my make-up into skincare, lipsticks/lipglosses and others (eye make-up, nail stuff, etc.)

These were my January Notes. I hope you like this series. Let me know in the comment section below what you managed to achieve this month, and your goals for the next month, and I’ll see you in the next one!


2017 Goals

Happy new year to all! Well, for being the first post of the year anyways, as it’s been over a week since the new year began… so… But anyways, hope everyone is doing well, and celebrated the new year in style just like myself! So as usual, the start of the year comes with new goals to reach by the end of the year, and I have listed mine below…

  1. Publish my first article – ACHIEVED 8-1-17 (was so tempted to write 2016 like you would NOT believe!)
  2. Publish my first paid article – ACHIEVED 3-1-17
  3. Travel with best friend – SOON ACHIEVED
  4. Buy a professional camera
  5. Get off my meds
  6. Celebrate my first anniversary with my boyfriend
  7. Finish my TA 10-week course
  8. Reach 20 followers on my blog – ACHIEVED 29-1-17
  9. Reach 250 Instagram followers – ACHIEVED 29-1-17
  10. Learn a new language
  11. Lose weight
  12. Eat healthier (BIG JOKE!)
  13. Read all HP books – 2/7 as of 8-1-17
  14. Watch all Star Wars movies
  15. Take part in the school panto… again

If I can actually think on any others I will add them. My brain is so friend right now I can’t think straight!

See you in the next one!