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As many may have noticed I haven’t been very active on my blog and social media these past few months. The reason behind this is I have found much more fulfilling things in life than my face in a phone or laptop screen.

For a while, blogging had become like a chore, where I would post because I felt like I had to not because I wanted to. This last month, every time I logged onto my blog to post, I would spend ages looking at a blank page, trying to think of something to write that made me happy, something to make YOU happy. But nothing came up.

I cried for ages over this because this blog was once my only source of happiness for three years. I made new friends, seized new opportunities and collaborated with high-up brands and organisations I never even dreamt of!

But this summer, something changed. I don’t know what it was but blogging suddenly felt like a chore. I was enjoying my life outside of it, and not once has it crossed my mind to post something.

This does not mean I won’t go back to blogging eventually. But for now, I bid farewell to From Claire’s POV – the blog and Facebook page – and hello to me being myself, Claire, enjoying life without a single regret and question.

Why I’ve Been Silent

I am reblogging this post because it is still relevant to this day. I haven’t been updating my bog in almost a month and this just about explains my absence.

But I am back on track and will be working on new posts as we speak!

From Claire's POV

Greetings beauties and I hope you’re all doing well. As you may have (not) probably realised, I haven’t been regular on my blog, Instagram and Facebook page. Do I have an explanation for this? Well… kind of!

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UNBOXING: Cruelty-Free Malta Sub Kit Summer 2019

Greeting beauties and welcome back to my blog! As you can tell by the title, I will be unboxing and reviewing products found in the Cruelty-Free Malta Subscription Kit for Summer 2019. Let me know which product was your favourite in the comment!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I bought the product myself and any opinions shared are my own.

Without further ado… Let’s get unboxing!

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Malta Fashion Week 2019: Best Dressed

Greetings beauties! As you can tell from the title, I will be taking a look at my favourite looks from this year’s Malta Fashion Week and Malta Fashion Awards. As usual, these are my honest opinions and doesn’t mean that anyone not mentioned didn’t have a great outfit because, to be honest with you, I loved them ALL. Many wore local designers and that alone really made it tough for me to pinpoint a few outfits.

Also, make sure you follow these amazing local bloggers/influencers because their influence on me is significant. They keep me going ❤

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Met Gala 2019

First Monday of May is always the most stellar night of the year in the fashion world. The Met Gala, otherwise known to us average Janes and Joes as the most fashionable night of the year, did not disappoint. The exhibition this year was called “Camp”.

Since I’m no expert, I will just gush and praise my favourite outfits from last night. And there were plenty of them, just so you know. The list below is just my personal opinion, remember we don’t all have to like all the same things so be nice! 🙂

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My Experience Working in Retail

Welcome back to my blog, beauties! Hope you’re currently doing well as you’re sitting reading this (which, btw, thanks!). In this post, I shall be doing a quick run-through of my experience working in retail, in the role of sales representative, formerly known as a sales assistant.

This run-through is not only my personal experience but also the research I have conducted. Not everything is as said, because not all companies have the same requirements and roles. I tried combining everything into a nutshell for your benefit. Continue reading My Experience Working in Retail

Five Days in London

Welcome back to my blog, beauties! I missed you all soo much! As I said in this post, I will be stepping back a bit from blogging to live a better life outside of my room. I had a blog post planned, but since I spent five days in London, I thought I would share how I spent these days, and boy were some of these days eventful! Continue reading Five Days in London