The Versatile Blogger Award

Greetings beautiful friends!… I’ve been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award! This makes it the SECOND blogging award nominee! Many thanks to Katie from Katie Rose Loves for nominating me. Go check her out and give her a follow!

The Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are…

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Give this a read and like!

Everyone experiences brief dips in mood every now and then. After a breakup, losing a job, or finishing a particularly stressful week, it’s normal to want to lay on the couch all weekend and do nothing. Unfortunately, when feelings of sadness and despair don’t go away, depression becomes a mental health disorder — and it’s […]

via This Is the Absolute Worst Thing You Can Say to Someone Who Battles Depression — Comino Magazine – Influencers

Should I go back to studying…?

This is something I have been thinking about for a few weeks now…

Should I go back to studying?
Or should I stick to my work?

These are subjects I would definitely give up my full-time job for given the opportunity:

  • Film studies
  • Criminology
  • Psychology
  • Journalism

The downside of actually studying one of the above is that they might not be offered at part-time, or I’d have to have certain subjects and/or degrees and sit for the course as a post-grad student, something will probably never happen in this lifetime.

Another thing that worries me is the money. Books, resources, photocopies and such are very expensive, and if I have to leave my job, then I would have to start a new job as a part-timer and work in the weekends or evenings (if time is permitted).

I recently researched part-time courses offered in the evenings on the MCAST website (MCAST, for the foreigners, stands for Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology). I found some really interesting ones, but the one that aught my eye is Filmmaking: An Introduction. Why filmmaking though? Aren’t I an LSA? And haven’t I done a 10-week course for said job? Why yes I did, but I want to expand my knowledge of films further. It’s why I did the 10-week course and the Mental Health First Aid in the first place: to learn new things.

I am currently also learning a totally different language: German! I only knew very few words, but now I can say basic words and greetings! And can understand a little too! I am super proud of myself… the FIFTH language I am learning! I actually might do an exam for it when I’m ready.

So the rant is over, thank you for listening (well, for reading). This is a reminder to all of you to follow your dreams. Do NOT let anyone – parents, friends, strangers – tell you what you should or should not do with YOUR life.

AAAAAAAAND that’s it for me! Take care and spread peace XXXXX

Mystery Blogger Award!

Hello my beautiful friends! It’s been several days since my last post, but I’m back… and with a blogging award nomination! I would like to thank my friend Betina for nominating me.

Okoto Enigma is the creator of this award!


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3 Facts

  1. If I wasn’t currently an LSA, I would be working in media or studying further something related to media
  2. My most prized possession(s) would probably be my non-fiction collection of books
  3. I was always the dumped one in a relationship

5 Questions: Answers

  1.  Sea or forest? I love nature, and it’s going to be very hard for me to choose. Since I live on an island and the closest thing to a forest is Buskett, then I’ll choose ‘forest’
  2. Your favorite childhood movie? I saw a lot of movies growing up, but the ‘Home Alone’ movies with Macaulay Culkin were my sh*t. I loved him, I loved the movie plots, and I miss movies like those
  3. McDonalds or Burger King? Burger King for the chicken burger, McDonald’s for the rest
  4. You’re nr 1 on your travel bucket list? Liverpool and New York City
  5. First thing you do if you won 1 mill euro? Travel with half of them, the other half would go to charity

5 Questions

  1. Your favourite season in terms of fashion?
  2. If you were any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
  3. One artist/band you want to see live?
  4. How accurate is your star sign?
  5. Favourite subject when you were in school (or if you still are, your current favourite)

10 Nominees

  1. Style in Transit
  2. Caroline: Post-Grad
  3. Kezzie’s Corner
  4. One Chick and a Yorkie – one of my first commenters/follows on my blog, and I freaking love her! ❤
  5. Dive Inside
  6. Scrabbled Rambles
  7. Smashing Darling x
  8. As told by Jade
  9. Lola.Lolita archives x
  10. Style Syco

#ClaireNotes – September 2017

No more Summer School *sobs*

With summer coming to an end comes the end of my summer work as a Child Support Worker (equivalent to my actual job as an LSA).  I would definitely do it again next year (it was my first year) as it was a LOT of fun. I was with little children – my forte – and they were the sweetest, cutest, most amazeball little ones! Let’s hope I see them again next year!

Driving yet?

Well, no. But I am halfway there! I passed my theory test! I was super excited when I did because, as opposed to before, I am in desperate need to drive, especially since I’m working a bit further than before (plus I owe my boyfriend for driving me around and picking me up for 18 months… he lives almost an hour away!).


Wedding ❤

Last Saturday I had the wedding my my GBF from my first job. I’ve known him for a few years so I remember him meeting his partner and how he knew he was The One. You can imagine how much I cried on the day 😉

This is my boyfriend and I at my house before the wedding. Freaking in love with the dress (and the guy next to me teeheehee)

“It’s what I want to do.”

I have probably said this sentence so many times in my life that I actually do not know if it – whatever ‘it’ could be – actually is what I want to do.

Hello everyone, sorry for the absence. I’ve been having some few thoughts on what I want to do with my life… is it too soon for a 23-year old to have an existential crisis?

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