Five Days in London

Welcome back to my blog, beauties! I missed you all soo much! As I said in this post, I will be stepping back a bit from blogging to live a better life outside of my room. I had a blog post planned, but since I spent five days in London, I thought I would share how I spent these days, and boy were some of these days eventful!


Having woken up at 3:45am for a 7am flight, I thought the day was doomed from the very beginning. The two previous trips to London started tiring, and I thought ‘well, third time’s the charm’, but as soon as we landed, I wasn’t as tired. I didn’t sleep a wink on the flight there. My friend and I played Avengers Top Trumps and then I watched some episodes (I forgot what series it was!) and read the latest Empire magazine issue.

As soon as we got to the hotel, we changed our backpacks to bumbags and headed to Knightsbridge, which is an area in London perfect for photos if you’re an influencer/blogger.

The first shop we hit was Harvey Nichols, which was probably the most I’ve ever spent on makeup ever. Keep on reading to find out what I got from Harvey Nichols (just scroll down)!


After that, we strolled through Harrods, dreaming we could actually afford a Gucci bag or two, and when we exited the building, I realised we were outside the most Instagrammable coffee shop you will ever see: ELAN Cafe. I took a few pictures inside and tasted the most delicious homemade peach iced tea (You can tell because I only managed to take a picture of the empty cup!)

Afterwards, we caught the tube and headed to Minalima, which is a Harry Potter store which also holds a gallery. I also bought several goodies from here (just scroll down!)


This was part one as to why we were in London in the first place: BETRAYAL!

But before we did that, we went to Primark to do Round 1 of shopping (as always, pictures of what I got will be found at the end of the post!) because I needed shoes for the play, along with some other outfits, bits and bobs. Can we take a second to appreciate the Harry Potter display they have?!

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel to rest up before walking to Harold Pinter theatre for Betrayal. I will be posting a more in-depth review of the play itself, but it was superb! not to mention how tall Tom Hiddleston actually is. I knew he was quite tall, but seeing him live and in action exceeded all expectations.

After the performance, my friend and I made our way backstage, where a huge line was already there. The security told us to take out our tickets, proof that we actually saw the show, otherwise, we had to go across the street. So we stood in line, were told to choose between a photo or an autograph (both of us chose selfies).

Slowly but surely, the line started moving. I took a selfie with the female protagonist, Zawe Ashton (who’s so pretty IRL!), and then waited for Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox (a.k.a the Daredevil in the series of the same name). We were around six to seven people away when we realised how close we were to meet them, so we whipped out our phones to take photos of them afar. The screams indicated Tom had come out from the building.

Then, a few minutes later, the security told us that Tom would be signing no more autographs and taking pictures, and for a split second, I thought ‘Okay, bummer, but at least we get a picture with Charlie Cox right?!’

“And Charlie won’t be coming out. So please, if you could make your way across the street and leave! That’s a wrap, goodnight!”

And that was the cherry on top of the cake… for now! Head to ‘Day Three’ for cherry #2


After going back to Primark to return some items which did not fit well (and also buy some more), we headed to Oxford Street as my friend wanted to find the Disney Store. The walk back was excruciating because I was very hot and we had a lot of bags to carry back to the hotel!

After resting up, we once again walked it to Garrick Theatre for Rip It Up! (which I will also be reviewing later!), which was several minutes away from Harold Pinter Theatre. We had dinner across the street and then headed inside a tad bit early. It was quite a stuffy foyer and couldn’t wait to actually find our seats, which were in the Dress Circle, right at the centre!

I won’t be showing off the pictures of the performances just yet because 1. I have over 300, and no, there’s no mistake with the number of zeros and 2. I wanted to leave them for the review.

What I will share, however, are these two photos:

I was absolutely gutted that Jay – the one person I really REALLY wanted to meet – didn’t come out to greet fans (I think he came out before or after I left, considering the photos he was tagged in from the night), and Louis Smith was sick on the day and had a stand-in to perform instead of him.

So that’s the cherry on top of the cake #2.


The day before the last, we decided to visit Kings’ Cross to shop at the Harry Potter store, and afterwards, we took the tube to visit the M&Ms World. I was feeling a bit under the weather that day, so I didn’t take too many pictures.


For the last full day, we decided to visit Tottenham Court Road, as most of Oxford Street’s stores were closed due to Easter Sunday and the Queen’s birthday. We visited several stores until we got tired of seeing closed shops and headed back to the hotel. At the hotel, we did the last packing and relaxed in the hotel.

We left the next day, spent several hours going around the departures at the airport before catching the flight back, arriving safely at 1am (CET)…

… and now we’re here, reading (or in my case, writing) this post! Let me know what you think of similar posts. I have a lot planned relating to this trip, so keep your eyes peeled!


Note: there are several things which are unlisted, including gifts I got for my family (minus the Ravenclaw card which I featured), two sets of earphones from Primark (one Bluetooth and the other not), and a fitness tracking watch (which I am yet to figure out) from Primark as well.

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