Why I’ve Been Silent

Greetings beauties and I hope you’re all doing well. As you may have (not) probably realised, I haven’t been regular on my blog, Instagram and Facebook page. Do I have an explanation for this? Well… kind of!

Let me start by stating the obvious:


I have stated many times that I was contemplating quitting my blog because nobody cared about it ad it’s not doing as great as it was before. However, I can openly say that back then, I wasn’t in the best mental state. I was very depressed and contemplating quitting everything: my job, blog, social media… everything that gives me life, love and happiness every single day.

Then, there’s the fact that:


Apart from my full-time job, I also had deadlines related to the media literacy course I took with hopes (fingers crossed!) of teaching it in the next scholastic years. I have also spent more time watching movies because it’d been a long time since I watched a decent movie.

Something that many people don’t know is that I also love writing fanfiction. I have accounts all over the popular fanfiction websites. I don’t like sharing it across my social media, but they’re quite good, and sometimes I would read them. I’m proud of myself!

The last thing I wanted to update you all about is that:


That’s right! Shy me has a social life!! I have been going out more these past several weeks, and I wanted to enjoy this while I could. I go to dinners with my friends, date nights at the movies with my boyfriend and small walks on my own (actually I only did this twice before the weather went tits up and couldn’t go walking any more).

So what’s next on this blog?

I have planned the following posts which will be out this month:




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2 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been Silent”

  1. Hi ((waving))! Nice to see the new post and to know you’ll keep up the blog as we DO like it! Also, cool to hear you write fan fiction. Maybe share some links now and then to stuff you write online here through the blog?

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  2. Reblogged this on From Claire's POV and commented:

    I am reblogging this post because it is still relevant to this day. I haven’t been updating my bog in almost a month and this just about explains my absence.

    But I am back on track and will be working on new posts as we speak!


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