25 Things I Learned in 25 Years

On a gloomy Wednesday 9th in 1994 at 12:15pm, a star was born to two young parents.

She was their second born and the apple of their eyes.

25 years later, that baby girl grew up to be…


Before I turned twenty, I always looked forward to my birthdays as I was moving closer to being an adult. Now that I am considered an adult, my feelings have changed. I can’t believe I will soon be moving out of my childhood home, where I was born and raised, and starting a new life of my own with the love of my life. I’m working full-time in a job I like and might keep until my retirement, something I never thought would happen considering my phases when it comes to my tastes in things.

But let’s but the sentimentalities aside. As the title of the post says, I will be telling you about the 25 things I have learnt in the last 25 years of life, some may be dumb so you’ve been warned:

  1. Luck actually exists. I still have no idea how it works, but I sometimes consider myself lucky. Other times… not so much… I hope lucky charms and blessings work too!
  2. Trying to please others and make them like you is a complete waste of your time.
  3. Hurting others with your lies hurts as much as it hurts when they lie to you. Lying adds more stress than solve problems.
  4. Comfort = fashion. Why wear shoes with six-inch heels to a club if you know they will cause problems to your feet and back? Or that one pair of boots that looks nice but feel terrible when you walk in them for too long? Buy shoes that are comfortable and look nice. Bonus tip: chunky heels are always in, and they don’t hurt as much as stilettos!
  5.  What goes around, comes around, and karma is a big b_tch.
  6. Hard work always pays off, so work hard and then play and party harder!
  7. There is nothing more important than your health, both physical and mental. I never cared about my mental health until it was almost too late… until now. If I’m having a very horrid day, I go out of my way to make myself feel better.
  8. Don’t be around negative people and people who put you down! You deserve the very best company.
  9. Travelling is the absolute best. You’d be amazed at how beautiful the world outside of your country is, no matter where you live. The world has a lot to offer, so make sure you go out there and make the most of it!
  10. Money’s more important than you think. Nowadays, people spend more than they should. Luckily, I was always a saver: I opt for shopping during sales, grab any offers possible and put all loose change in a money jar for travelling.
  11. Risks aren’t all bad. Getting out of your comfort zone every once in a while will do you good, boo! And it’s okay to fail or make a mistake when taking certain risks – we all learn from them!
  12. Everyone is capable of something. We are all unique and talented ceatures.
  13. People upload happy pictures on their timelines 99.9% of the times. They don’t want to show their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. People aren’t perfect; they’re never happy all the time, so don’t be jealous that they have it all and are picture-perfect.
  14. Eat whatever you like, because it’s a blessing you can afford to. There are many people who long for the food we eat but can’t for some reason or another.
  15. Everyone has some talent or another. If you’re pursuing an artistic venture in life, keep these people as close as you can. You can never know when they will inspire or collaborate with you!
  16. Don’t try to make people feel better about themselves by pointing out other people’s weaknesses.
  17. Children aren’t actually entirely bad. I work with them on a daily basis and some of them are actually so smart and funny it’s unreal ❤
  19. It may be so that beauty lies within, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw your physical appearance away too.
  20. To-do lists are more helpful than you think because they help you prioritise your day-to-day needs.
  21. Don’t be a freeloader unless someone offers. in fact, you should be the one contributing to and supporting others!
  22. You learn something new every single day. Sometimes it’s too obvious to realise.
  23. Do what you love, love what you do and you won’t work a day in your life. I learnt this pretty quickly in life, and I feel like I’m not working, but giving an example and teaching other students.
  24. Treat others the way you want to be treated, no matter what.
  25. Helping others isn’t a chore. It’s an accomplishment in life.


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