Thank U Next Challenge

Be honest: clicking on this post, you were either attracted by the title or Kris Jenner slaying… or maybe both. I don’t know how this post idea came to be, or how good it will turn out. I decided to turn it into a little challenge of sorts. I haven’t seen it anywhere online, so let’s just assume I’m the one who created this challenge (you’re welcome).

So here are the rules:

  1. Come up with you’ve decided to say “thank u next” to and explain why.
  2. Tag 5 people to participate in this challenge
  3. Make sure you include ‘thank u next challenge’ in the post tags and title your post #ThankUNextChallenge and the following image as your featured image:

thank u next challenge

Without wither ado, here are the ten things I have bid farewell to:

  • Bags I like but don’t wear. After doing my yearly new-year declutter, I found bags I didn’t know I owned, bags I no longer wear, and especially, lots and lots of tote bags. I gave 70% of these bags to my sister, mother and charity. Felt too great seeing the bottom of my closet clean!
  • Clothes that don’t fit. I kept some of these clothes because I thought they would be of motivation for me to lose weight… they weren’t. They were just filling precious space in my closet or drawers.
  • Critical friends. I’ve no time for toxicity in my life anymore. Constructive criticism is fine, but bombarding me with how I should do this and that without a valid reason is not my mojo.
  • Beauty products I no longer use but MIGHT use. MIGHT is no longer a word in my vocabulary when it comes to beauty products. Either I use it or I don’t. An extension to this are products that have expired or are close to expiring.
  • TV shows I lost track of. A few years back I must have been watching ten episodes a day. Yes, people, TEN. DAILY. After a while, I just lost track of them and just gave up. I have started rewatching some of them, but the rest are now in my archives covered in cobwebs. Before, I had an Excel sheet I barely updated, but now I keep track of my series using TV Time on my Android phone.
  • Copies of CDs and DVDs. If I had to sell all the copies of movies and albums I have, I’d be rich. We live in a world of Spotify and Netflix, so I don’t really need any of them. In the recycling bin, they go! (P. S. I have kept all original albums and DVDs because they’re precious).
  • Old souvenirs and trinkets because why do I need three different souvenirs with no real sentimental values or idea as to who gave them to me? I set them aside and gave some to my mother to keep in her souvenir cabinet, some others that were in good conditions were given to a friend who sells things at a car boot sale for charity.
  • Songs I like but always skip on Spotify. I was growing tired of skipping the same songs over and over again. I had a playlist with around 10,000 songs at one time, most of which were full albums. I didn’t listen to half of these albums so I finally bid farewell to them.
  • Mementos that were once good but aren’t anymore. I don’t need to keep nice -looking cards from a toxic ex or my O’level timetable because it reminded me of the first major exams of my life. Instead chose to Marie Kondo all mementos and ask myself if they bring me joy. If not, then off they go!
  • Mobile apps I only used once, and that includes shopping apps like Asos and eBay. Most of these apps were games I liked playing and then the hype died down and so did my enthusiasm.

For this challenge I tag:


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