What I Got: Christmas 2018

In this post, I’ll be showing you what I got for Christmas 2018. I know it’s been over a month since Christmas but I have received my last present just a few days ago and I wanted to include it here. So without further ado…!


I didn’t expect any gifts from my students. Since getting them, I have used the lantern several times with my candles. I actually didn’t put it away with the rest of the Christmas decorations because I love it! My favourite gift had to be the notebook my student gave to me. The colour, the design… it was perfect! I also got several chocolate boxes which I didn’t include here. My best work friend also gave me a mug which I am using religiously this winter!





I was only joking when I told my sister I wanted telephone cord hair ties… but she delivered! She also got me a cute Christmas snowglobe for my growing collection and a beautiful fleece nightgown, which I wear every single night when I’m working on my blog. M parents gave me some extra pocket money, which I am saving for bigger things like my own place (!) and maybe a film course (!??!?!?!?)


Image result for euro gif


My second family really delivered this Christmas, especially my boyfriend, who got me the most gorgeous rose gold necklace ever! His nonna even gave me a minimal and dainty Accessorize necklace! I enjoyed every single gift I got from them!



Does it show that we’ve been friends for OVER A DECADE?! She knows my obsessions inside out, so I cried with emotion when I saw that she gave me a 3-pack LIMITED EDITION Beatles Sock Box!! I love The Beatles, socks and patterns so all three combined are my absolute DREAM!

Image result for happy socks beatles 3 pack

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