How to: Self-Care

Yet another new series for my blog. This time it’s a ‘How to’/tips/hacks sort of thing! Expect tips related to writing, health, beauty, fitness… everything you can think of! If you want tips and/or hacks on a topic in particular, let me know in the comments below! Just a small disclaimer, these tips are based on both my research and personal experience. If you disagree with any of these, you can add and remove your own choices 🙂

So take out your notepads, put the kettle on and get writing!

Ever get so busy you don’t have time to take care of yourself? You nodded, didn’t you? You’re not alone. Most of us lead a busy life where we’re invested in taking of others and putting their needs before your own. Believe me, happens to the best of us. So I have decided to compile some self-care skills that will put yourself as your first priority – but still being your empathic and compassionate self!

Wake up bright and early

How you start each day matters. You either get up to practise stress or peace. I sure hope all of you chose the latter! If the idea of being a “morning person” is a bit of a mind-bender, may I suggest a small tweak? Just avoiding the snooze button goes a long way. Early risers are more optimistic and proactive according to studies.

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Make your thoughts your actions

Our feelings control our thoughts… or not? It’s not like that: it’s actually the other way round. Our thoughts precede how we feel. This is because our thoughts are automated and cannot help some of them. The beauty of being mindful is managing your thoughts so that they don’t manage you.

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Walk or stretch

Moving your body will kickstart your metabolism and releases endorphins and serotonin (feel-good hormones), which help relieve stress and increase self-confidence. Other benefits (apart from losing weight of course!!) include alertness, productivity and creativity throughout the day!

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Say NO

Boundaries are key to practising self-care and happiness. People pleasers such as myself (I’m not saying it as a good thing because it’s not… most of the time anyways) have a tough time with setting certain limitations. Keep this in mind: saying ‘no’ to one thing is saying ‘yes’ to another thing.

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Connect with your loved ones

Us humans are made to connect with one another. Loneliness affects both our mental and physical health, and is sometimes also subject to death sometimes (I researched this and the results is a bomb – loneliness increases risks of death by 26%!). Good news is: relationships can improve health because we’re managing our stress better by talking about it, improving our immune system and also giving meaning to our lives. So reconnect with an old friend or bond with a relative!

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Slow breaths

Not only does this help to calm yourself down, but it is also the best defence against panic attacks (Disclaimer: this is something that actually works for me, I’m NOT saying it works for everyone). Along with this, I would also add counting your inhales and exhales from 0 up to 10, and back from 10 to 0.

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Honesty is the best policy

Always express your feelings and thoughts as honestly as you can. Do NOT be afraid of speaking your mind. It’s okay if others do not understand you or respect your opinions, we’re all different! But honestly really helps with lifting that weight off of your chest.

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Avoid the passive-aggressive attitude

This behaviour is quite toxic. While we all have the right to express our opinion and feel angry on occasion, the most important thing is to take responsibility for the consequences our actions carry. So long story short: be careful how you say certain things to avoid misinterpretations.

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It won’t cost you anything, so why not use it every single second you breathe?!

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A sense of humour or laughing in general goes a long way. Laughing is a must to feel instantly better about yourself. Whether it’s a movie or a joke you read in a candy wrapper (they still exist guys, I keep some of them!), laughter strengthens your immune system, increases energy and it’s a free stress beater!

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