Taking a Break

As the title of this post indicated, I will be taking a short break from blogging. Don’t worry, I’m fine and dandy for the most part. I am currently juggling the beginning of the scholastic year and the stress it brings about, and on top of all that I have a lot of assignments that need to be completed in a very short time. These require a LOT of time to complete and of course, time to conduct research. I will be posting at times but they will be very scarce.

I hope you will nonetheless stick around. I am predicting that posts will be semi-regular once again between the beginning of November and beginning of January.

I have a new series planned where I will be using my 100 Album Scratch-Off Bucket List and review one album after the other, lots of ‘Dim the Spotlight’ posts as well (one of which is currently under way!) and I have also planned more ‘Fact vs Fiction’ posts which I hope you will like and find resourceful.


See you in the next one!

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