I saw Kaiser Chiefs live… and a LOT happened!

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! Happy September first off; for me September means going back to work and gearing up for Autumn and eventually my favourite season ever, WINTER! This is something I mentioned in my August Favorites post a few days ago, and it’s about seeing indie rock band Kaiser Chiefs live.

So without further ado, let’s get started on this short yet meaningful storytime!

The very beginning

So let’s start from the very beginning, which is when I was 11-12 years old. I was shuffling on TV and saw a music video. At first glance, it wasn’t something I’d enjoy, but then the lyrics started…

Everyday I love you less and less
It’s clear that you’ve become obsessed

The aesthetic of the video shifted. And I was soon at the edge of my seat. Soon enough I was dancing and headbanging to the song – yes, Claire as an 11-year old was a headbanger. I waited until I could properly see the artist, song title and album at the very end of the video.

Kaiser Chiefs
Everyday I love you less and less

And the rest, as they say, was history.

Little did I know this wasn’t the first time I’d heard there music. I was just oblivious of the band’s name. When I found out that one of their previous singles was a jam I’d been listen to non-stop on the radio (because we had no Spotify back then and reception was so horrible on radios that I could never catch the name of a song or its artist):

Kaiser Chiefs
I Predict a Riot

They obviously have some other great songs, but I want to keep this post on the short side to avoid boredom but at the same time I want to provide entertainment, you know?

The concert

So here’s a song I enjoyed singing screaming at the concert:

Kaiser Chiefs
Never Miss a Beat
Off with their heads

They way they sang the following song had so many World Cup vibes because of the whole England/’Football’s coming home’ thing, but it was a nice way of ending the concert:

Kaiser Chiefs
Coming Home
Stay Together

I went to the concert with my sister after an exam, please note – which means I needed to scream that frustration off… totally worth it! We were there so early we managed to find a place to the front of the barriers. My sister pointed out we’d need somewhere to rest and wrap our bags around.

This is how much at the front we were:


This is the opening act for the night: Bila. If you’re Maltese, you know what that means. They played loud music you could mosphit and headbang to. I only did the latter. But they reminded me of the music I used to listen to as an angsty pre-teen and teen who found happiness in these moody bands.

So kudos, Bila! Like their Facebook page here!


As you can tell, very front and centre judging from the above photo that I took. But that wasn’t the best part. Ooooh the best was yet to come! At one point, in the middle of a song, we travelled across the stage, jumped down and ran to the bar and ordered a beer.

Yes, all this in the middle of a performance.

After he got the drink, he made his way to the front row, in between the railing my sister and I were resting against and the stage. At the front of where we were was like a seat for photographers to use to take pictures pointing upwards.

What happened next is what made this experience unbelievably once-in-a-lifetime.

As I saw him make his way to my general direction, first instinct was to stretch my arm out. He fist-bumped a man who was a few persons away from me, to the left, and then HE REACHED FOR MY HAND AND HELD IT TO HELP HIMSELF ONSTAGE USING THE SEAT IN FRONT OF ME.

This took place in a span of 10 seconds, but my mind was all:

Image result for did that just happen gif

Image result for OH MY GOD gif

Image result for he touched me gif

When I went back home after the concert, I just couldn’t even. No sleep. I just recounted everything to my BFF who unfortunately could not attend due to her being sick.

If you want a bonus clip, here’s me screaming along the FIRST SONG THEY PERFORMED, which I mentioned above. Excuse my singing, do lower your volume please, may damage your ears (and sanity):

The quality is a disaster, but take into consideration the following:

  1. Camera quality is crap
  2. I was jumping and singing
  3. I was fangirling

BONUS: 4. For some reason the video cannot be rotated. I mean why.

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