I was on TV! (you wish this was clickbait!)

As you can tell from the title, IT FINALLY HAPPENED.

I, Claire, the shy and introverted blogger who barely shows her face, went on NATIONAL TV. Yes, like where hundreds of thousands of people will see my face.

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Sooo, THIS happened! I was on local TV to talk about my struggles with depression… and I was one of the HEADLINING NEWS?!?! If you'd told me I'd be here just a few years ago, I'd probably laugh in your face and call you a liar. But here I am now, 2018, sharing this with the rest of the nation. The amount of messages and comments of love, support and courage were overwhelming and I am yet to reply to everyone! I couldn't have done it without my girl @kelpeplow who gave me the opportunity to share my story with you all πŸ’š The journey is far from over; . . . #mentalhealthawareness #breakthestigma #staystrong #lifestyleblog #mentalhealthblog #iwasontv #youwishiwasjoking #mentalhealthproblems #depression #anxiety

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I was asked by my very good friend (and fellow Jonas fan/Potterhead) Kelly to be interviewed about my struggles and recovery from mental health problems, and how can I pass that opportunity?!

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So I got up bright and early this morning – well, I just got out of bed. I barely slept, that’s how nervous I was!! – put on my makeup au naturel and made my way to the studios for the interview. The butterflies in my stomach were un-freakingREAL! I was sweaty all the way to the broadcasting studio, which is just 15 minutes by bus, mind you.

After walking me through what will happen, I took a deep breath.

3… 2… 1… ROLLING.

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And we talked. I talked about how and when I was diagnosed, how it happened, why it happened, the whole ups, downs and nine yards. After we finished, Kelly thanked me numerous times, and I went home.

After a few hours, she told me it’d be up during the evening news. The. EVENING. NEWS. That’s probably the most watched time slot as many people would be having dinner and watching the news.

Good golly, I thought.

Many asked me how I felt watching myself on TV. Well, don’t kill me, but I didn’t. My whole family was watching it and I felt anxious having them watch me while watching myself on TV. Huh, how ironic. Talking about anxiety to the whole nation and then getting anxious when my own blood relatives are watching it.

And then, the comments…

Image result for lots of notifications gifs

Family, friends, former colleagues, friends of friends, strangers…

The outpour of comments and message made me cry with joy. Everyone was so nice and telling me how proud they were to know me. In all my life I never got that, especially from my own dad. I mean our relationship was okay, we had our fights as any father-daughter does, but not once has he ever said he’s proud of me.

Needless to say, I myself am proud of me. For coming all this way, touching people’s hearts with my story and top of it all, for being myself throughout this journey.

Thank you all for the comments. If you’re reading this and didn’t receive a reply from me, I promise I will find time to answer back, because you deserve the support as much as the next person.

Love you all!


If you want to read the interview, click here. Unfortunately it is only available in Maltese, but hey, it’s nothing you’ve never heard before from me!

PS. That voice, ladies and gentlemen, is my real voice. I don’t like it, but dog-dang it I sound liek a professional person!

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6 thoughts on “I was on TV! (you wish this was clickbait!)”

  1. Hi Claire.
    After watching and listening to you on TV yesterday I was somehow stunned by how you managed to get out of your depression after such a long journey. Truly inspiring I must say, more so since I have been suffering from chronic depression 😦 for several years (diagnosed with TRD i.e. treatment resistant depression) now, and try as much as I can I have never managed to get out of it and my life is in complete tatters!!
    It would be wonderful if we could meet up (perhaps over a nice coffee or hot chocolate?!! :)) and share your wonderful experience, hoping that it will somehow lead me to emulate you. You can email me at mark.said@gov.mt should you kindly accept my invitation.
    Thanks for now. Mark Said.

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    1. Thanks for the lovely message Mark πŸ™‚ I am still in recovery, as I stated, as it is a very very long process, lifelong according to my therapists (I had two over the course of three years). Do you speak to a therapist about these problems? Unfortunately I am merely a survivor and not a professional so unfortunately I cannot help much πŸ™‚


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