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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! It has been a hot minute since my last post. And honestly, it’s because I lost my mojo a tiny bit. But I am now back in full force with a haul from DRESSLILY. If you don’t remember (you probably don’t, I’m easily forgettable!), a while ago I did a wishlist for them, which you can read here. And I got some really nice things which I would love to share with you all!


You know how some websites take ages to ship your items and they end up arriving one after the other? Not with Dresslily! They took less than a month, and all my items were in one big bag, each item packaged securely, so 10/10 for that!

What you all came here for!

The first item I got is an Eyeliner Stencil Set Eye Makeup Template Multifunction Tools. I have seen these things all over the internet, and I wanted to have one myself. It’s very thin and made of plastic, so you can easily pop it in a small makeup bag when you’re going out. I am yet to try it on myself, but my sister has one and she told me she perfected the cateye look with it!

Image result for Eyeliner Stencil Set Eye Makeup Template Multifunction Tools
I cannot wait to create makeup looks with this stencil!

Second thing I opened were the Practical 20 Pcs Multifunction Plastic Handle Nylon Makeup Brushes Set which I got in *surprise surprise* purple. The handles look metallic-like and the brush itself is so soft and won’t itch your skin when in contact!

Image result for Practical 20 Pcs Multifunction Plastic Handle Nylon Makeup Brushes Set

Next up is the Anti UV Plastic Frame Flat Lens Sunglasses. These have been EVERYWHERE and I just had to buy them! They came in a secure case, which earns kudos for me because I can never have too many sunglasses cases.

Image result for Anti UV Plastic Frame Flat Lens Sunglasses
I cannot wait to show off these glasses in my second lookbook coming soon!

This next item is something I am really looking forward to trying out: the Professional Luminometer Teeth Whitening Gel. I have been using whitening strips for several months now and it’s doing a great job, but I wanted a bit of a boost, and this is where this product comes along!

Image result for Professional Luminometer Teeth Whitening Gel
Still need to try out the product!

Last product is something I was slightly disappointed about, but there’s a slight silver lining! I bought the Empire Waist Button Down Flowy Beach Bohemian Maxi Dress in the largest size available, which was an XL, and it said it fit a US10, which is a UK14 – what I wear, that is… but then I tried it on…

… and it didn’t button up! Not one button! I was pretty gutted, but then comes the silver lining. It looked great as a kimono!

Image result for Empire Waist Button Down Flowy Beach Bohemian Maxi Dress
So yes, I will still be wearing it!

And since I’m a nice person, I want you all to get some high quality items for a more affordable price, so I have for you a code!

Use the code DLjanedw4 for  $3 off $25; $6 off $50; $12 off $100

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