Mini Haul #2

Greeting everyone! And welcome to yet another mini haul – two objects – which I got from the website Banggood. I have collaborated with them a few times, and they have been super nice to me and the products affordable and super nice!

So click on to find out what I got this time!

Have you ever seen one of those adverts on Facebook or TV of people removing blackheads with a device? Well, some of them may be on the more expensive side, but not this one!

It’s only $4, easy to use and super practical. All you need are batteries and you’re good to go! It was also painless and it left my face smooth.

Image result for Electric Facial Pore Suction Spot Cleaner Blackhead Remover Acne Pimple Cleanser Lifting Firming Skin

The other thing I got is this cute sunflower print playsuit. At first I was a bit skeptical about the size at first glance, but I changed my mind at once when I tried it on.

It fit me perfectly from everywhere. The straps are adjustable from the back and can also be crossed at the back part. They were a bit flimsy but when I wore the outfit and properly placed the straps.

I got it in a size XL and it costs just under $15.

Image result for Sexy Vintage Strap Women Sunflower Printed Shorts Pants Rompers Jumpsuit

Looking for affordable yet cute outfits? Click here!

Banggood Wishlist MINI HAUL! Wishlist #2: Christmas Special!

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