Second Year of Blogging: The Brutal Truth


This is a post on my second blogiversary. Simple? Well literally speaking yes, but the backstory is a tad bit more complex than that. But let’s not get into that just yet. Last year, I had lots of ideas round this time – my first blogiversary – and wrote two posts about the celebration: My 1st Year of Blogging in Numbers and What I’ve Learnt during my First Year of Blogging. It was, for me, all sunshine and rainbows because look for far I’d come! From very few views to hundreds of them every month!

This year round, I decided to take a slightly different route.

Since last May, I’ve garnered THOUSANDS of views. Yes, you read that right… 4-digit numbers every month. And honestly, that itself made me proud of how far I’d come. Since January 2018 alone, I’ve totalled my views to over 5000, and we’re not even done with May! Despite all this, there are still some misconceptions, and I’m here to point them out whilst highlighting another year of blogging.

Not my full-time gig

In a country with a population of just over half a million people and very limited opportunities when it comes to blogging, no. This blog is unfortunately not my full-time gig. And with that, may I add that since June 2017 [excluding April 2018], I have earned a total of exactly $6. That’s VERY little, especially considering the mass amount (for me) of views I get per month.

My full-time gig is actually in education. I like it, but I’ve always wanted to be a writer and that never happened because of lack of funds and opportunities (not to mention support from peers and family alike), so yeah. Blogging will unfortunately never be full-time.

Trial and Error

I have had one blogpost that really reached the pinnacle of my blogging ‘career’ to date, and it’s “It all just got real…” – My Journey to Being Diagnosed. I got so many messages of praise and shares on it I was speechless. I enjoyed the thrill of recognition while at the same time spreading awareness on mental health.

And that was it. I tried my hand in blogging on fashion, giving tips, celebrities who had mental health problems before passing away and even film and TV (my second dream of mine was to work behind the scenes on movies as a producer/director), just to name a few. None hit that same impact, even when I talked on mental health.


The reality of it all is my country doesn’t have bloggers/influencer who stick primarily with mental health awareness. They’re mainly fashion bloggers/influencers, and some even models. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of them and look up to them, but really? Just because they’re in the public eye what they touch turns to gold and is preached, but when someone who experiences it every single day and chronicles in on a small blog then it’s nothing?

I’m not considered an influencer. Plain and simple. That title is for the model-looking ladies that garner tens of thousands of views on Facebook and Instagram and get stopped time and time again whilst they’re shopping – something they seem to do a lot? Correct me if I’m wrong please! – and told they’re such an inspiration.

Most of them actually are, and I’m one of those that tells them they are. I don’t stop them in the streets though, I find that an invasion of their privacy. But let’s get real: isn’t someone who talks constantly about their mental health problems more of an influencer than a model? You tell me.


So yeah this was more of a rant than celebrating my second year of blogging. But I felt like all this was a knot in the pit of my stomach that needed to be loosened and removed.

But honestly real-talk: thank you all for embarking on this journey with me. It’s been real!

Here’s to another eventful year full of nothingness!

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