My Opinion on… Spring/Summer ’18 Trends

Some of you may be wondering why the heck I am posting about fashion when I don’t have any sense of fashion. And neither am I a fashion blogger. But I do have strong opinions on some trends, which I have in one way or another:

  1. Tried and liked
  2. Tried and failed at
  3. Tried and hated
  4. Somewhere in between.

As stated above – which I will repeat – this is ONLY my opinion on SS18 trends. Not going to bash designers or people that oppose my opinion. I respect everyone’s opinion 🙂 Let me know what your thoughts are of similar posts in the future!

Gelato hues a.k.a Pastels

Related image

Getting on a good start for me. I absolutely love pastels even though I don’t always pull them off. The first thing that comes to mind when I see these colours are candy floss and pistacchio ice-creams. Good enough to eat!


Related image

I am an avid denim jeans wearer (is it even a word?), but I don’t like the whole double-or-more denim trend. It’s either a jacket, skirt or jeans for me. So Britney and Justin at the 2001 AMAs is a HUGE no for me.


Image result for trenches trend 2018

Anything to look like Castiel, angel of the Lord, is good for me! I think I have around 5 trenchcoats all of different colours.

Exposed / Sheer

Related image

Here’s where it goes downhill for me. A little sheer doesn’t hurt, but a whole outfit?! Nope. Pass.


Related image

I am all for this! After wearing dark tones for more than half my life, I am breaking that and wearing more brights, even in winter when it isn’t the norm!


Image result for plastics trend 2018

I will only rock this trend if it involves a rain jacket. Otherwise… no-no.

Pencil skirts

Image result for pencil skirts trend 2018

I had four months’ time to wear pencil skirts when I was working an office job. I only wore skirts a total of 5 times because I hated my legs. But I love how stylish they’d look if I were half my actual size.

Textures / Fringes / Ruffles

Image result for ruffles trend 2018

If you’re not one of those who used to wear ruffles in the early 00’s then you lie, because I was one of those 😛 I loved this trend, still do now.


Image result for shorts trend 2018

I love shorts as much as the next person, but I cannot wear them because of my thunder thighs [they rise up from the thighs… does this happen to anyone?]

Slip dresses

Image result for slip dresses trend 2018

I wouldn’t rock this look, but I find slip dressed super stunning especially for breezy summers.


Image result for sequins trend 2018

I am only in love with this trend in the Christmas festive season. Otherwise, thumbs down!


Image result for checks trend 2018

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE this trend! Honestly, I have been rocking this trend since I was 11 years old and into a lot of Pearl Jam and Nirvana. I had to give away most of the checked shirts to charity because they wouldn’t fit anymore

Cinderella shoes

Image result for cinderella shoes trend 2018

I think this trend is super cute and stunning. I’d usually associate glitter (along with sequins) to wintertime. But I might try it for this season if I find time (and money!) to buy glittery shoes and sequins… and maybe style them together?

Multiple bags

Image result for multiple bags trend 2018

With my line of work, multiple bags is a big possibility: one for students’ files and the other with my personal possessions. Therefore it’s usually a handbag and a tote bag. But 2+ small bags? Pass.


Image result for prints trend 2018

YES. PLEASE! This trend gives me some Ibiza and Miami vibes for DAYS! I dig that cheeky trend, but not when I’m a walking/talking print.


Related image

If I could live in this trend forever, I totally would.

Floral / Pretty dresses

Image result for floral dress trend 2018

I love this trend! Even when it isn’t the floral trend I’d still rock floral dresses, trousers (oh yes, I have been there!) and tops.

XL totes

For my mum, my sister and myself, this doesn’t have to be a trend for us to apply in everyday life. Mum uses these for her daily shopping sprees, my sister for carrying her students’ copybooks and myself for all the above!

One thought on “My Opinion on… Spring/Summer ’18 Trends

  1. You do have a sense of fashion!!! Everyone is unique and I loved reading about your takes on this spring/summer’s hottest styles 🙂 I agree with the multiple bags… just get one nice larger one to put everything away nice and tidy!

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