How To: Descriptions [Using Synonyms]

Yet another new series for my blog. This time it’s a ‘How to’/tips/hacks sort of thing! Expect tips related to writing, health, beauty, fitness… everything you can think of! If you want tips and/or hacks on a topic in particular, let me know in the comments below! Just a small disclaimer, these tips are based on both my research and personal experience. If you disagree with any of these, you can add and remove your own choices 🙂

So take out your notepads, put the kettle on and get writing!

Apart from blogging, another passion of mine is writing. Fiction, literature, I also dabbled with autobiographies in the past. So I know a thing or two about writing. Let me ask you a question: how many times have you seen repetitive pieces of writing (professional ones, that is)? Compare them to how you used to write your creative essays in school.

Get the jist? There are a lot of words that mean the same, and people that lack creativity or want to rush their work would use the same word over and over again. And this is what this post is about: using alternative words for very common ones!


called, cried, responded, demanded, asked, stated, shouted, whispered, remarked, questioned, replied, exclaimed, recounted, pointed out, uttered, narrated, accounted, deemed, reckoned, reported.


snickered, guffawed, giggled, cackled, roared, howled, chuckled, tittered, chortled, bellowed, grinned, cracked up, smirked, sniggered, joked, mocked, snickered.

Ran [the action of going faster on foot. there are other meaning to this words such as to ‘run a business’]

hurried, raced, botled, darted, sped, scurried, dashed, jogged, galloped, sprinted, trotted, rushed, travelled, took off, fleed, made a break for it.


staggered, shuffled, travelled, sauntered, trudged, lumbered, strutted, paraded, marched, hiked, strolled, ambled, paced, patrolled, hit the road, went, stepped.


glimpsed, glanced at, noticed, eyed, observed, gazed at, sighted, spied, spotted, examined, stared at, watched, glared, made out, peeked, peeped, peered, viewed, witnessed, laid eyes on, looked at.


love, prefer, admire, cherish, appreciate, care for, fancy, favour, adore, enjoy, idolise, treasure, acknowledge, relish.


bereaved, downcast, unhappy, dejected, woeful, forlorn, gloomy, melancholy, miserable, crestfallen, sorrowful, mournful, low-spirited, morbid, despairing, bitter, blue, down in the dumps, hurting, down.


beautiful, exquisite, lovely, gorgeous, glamorous, stunning, attractive, handsome, elegant, striking, cute, fair, delicate, delightful, looker, pleasing, pleasant, dainty, graceful, darling.


great, splendid, pleasant, superb, marvellous, grand, delightful, terrific, superior, amazing, wonderful, excellent, ace, acceptable, boss, neat, nice, worthy, stupendous, super, gratifying, gnarly.


teeny, small, diminutive, tiny, petite, wee, slight, compact, microscopic, micro, minuscule, miniature, slight, snub, bit, short, junior.


kind, benevolent, agreeable, likeable, thoughtful, courteous, gracious, warm, considerate, cordial, decent, humane, pleasant, pleasurable, peachy.


hysterical, jocular, side splitting, amusing, hilarious, humorous, laughable, witty, silly, comical, nonsensical, priceless, merry, rich, jolly.


towering, huge, large, great, gigantic, giant, mammoth, immense, colossal, major, massive, tremendous, enormous.


glad, merry, jovial, content, pleased, jubilant, joyful, delighted, gleeful, thrilled, jolly, cheerful, elated, ecstatic.


witty, ingenious, bright, sharp, quick-witted, brainy, knowledgeable, brilliant, intelligent, gifted, clever, wise.


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