Clothing/Beauty Haul – Easter Special

I went shopping this week to celebrating the end of my 9-day Easter Holidays (perks of working in the education industry I guess!), and seized the day when mum offered to go shopping together. We spent a whole day buying clothes and accessories. Ready to see what I got?!

Black Mesh Trim Sports Leggings

I’ve been meaning to buy new workout gear for ages, and I started with these black mesh sports leggings. You have to own black sport leggings – it’s a funeral for your fat!

Black Tie Waist Trousers

These are my second pair of wide leg culottes, and am hoping to start a collection of these comfy yet fashionable style of trousers. I have striped ones and was in need of a plain pair.

3 Pack Iridescent Spiral Bobbles

I am the type of girl who ALWAYS has her hair up, except for when I’m washing my hair, sleeping (and even here I sometimes leave my hair in a loose ponytail), and when taking a photo. I bought these (and the ones added later on the list) not knowing I actually had just three left (fun fact: I have thick hair, so these don’t last me a long time!).

Pink Camo Print Mesh Panel Sports Leggings

These sport leggings re to add a little colour to my ‘funeral for my fat’ – all black is just too boring sometimes!

Green Side Stripe Tapered Trousers

These trousers fit a bit loosely. I tried on two sizes: UK14 and UK 16. The band on the 14 fit perfectly round my waist, but the fit round my thighs was still loose. A size 12 would have been impossible to get round my waist, so I went for the UK14 trousers. And the colour is amazing for this spring/summer season.

3 Pack Glitter Spiral Bobbles

These are the ones added later on the list…

Image result for body shop seaweed clarifying night treatment
Seaweed Oil-Control Overnight Gel
Image result for body shop tea tree wipes
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wipes

I’ve both these already, but they were so good I had to go for a second round!

Image result for body shop tea tree oil
Tea Tree Targeted Gel

A while ago, I reviewed this product here, and I haven’t looked back since. This is my second time using it.

Image result for Jacket
Baby Blue Biker Jacket

This is my second leather jacket in the span of a week (read about the first one here). The colour on this one is so breathtaking I just had to buy it! I hope it doesn’t get spoilt the moment I decide to wear it!

Silicone Makeup Brushes Cleaning Tool
Silicone Make-up Brush Cleaner

Cannot wait to finally clean up my make-up brushes as opposed to just throwing them away.

Image result for stripe short sleeve t-shirt matalan
Stripe Short Sleeve T-Shirt

This top is super cute! Combines my two favourite things: stripes and colours!

Image result for red frilled edge t-shirt
Red Frilled Edge T-Shirt

I bought this top in grey as well. I couldn’t resist. A plain tshirt… with frills! Can you tell my obsession is slowly moving towards t-shirts and not just jumpers?

Image result for frankie super skinny jeans new blue
Bright Blue ‘Frankie’ Super Skinny Jeans

My old Frankies ripped and so I went to get another pair but in a different shade to change things up a bit. I am obsessed with Dorothy Perkins jeans and jeggings. Highly recommended!

Image result for indigo eden high waist jeggings
Indigo ‘Eden’ High Waist Jeggings

I have two other pairs of Eden jeggings which I got from London, so I thought why not get me another pair in a different shade!

And that’s what I got yesterday! Stay strong always,

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