My Journey to Alcohol Abstinence

This is going to be a short yet meaningful and personal post. I am in no means trying to pressure anyone to be something they’re not, or to slam anyone in any way. Furthermore, no one pressure me to embark on this journey. It was solely my reason and I plan on keeping it this way.

Everyone has a different relationship with alcohol. I never considered myself a big drinker, or someone who drank every single weekend – I didn’t even go out every weekend! But the several times I did drink alcohol I got drunk blind to the point where the next morning I would forget the ridiculous things I did. However, I never quite experienced the after-effects: hangovers!

I know, weird right?! When I tell people that they’d instantly get jealous. But you know what? I’d still hate myself for drinking myself blind.

But anyways, we’re not here to read about that! Let’s start with what’s what, shall we?

Time Wasting

Alcohol is up there amongst the biggest addictions a human can succumb to.  It does not only kill time while drinking, but a time killer that follows you throughout the morning (hangovers) and potentially the afternoon (if you’re one of those that spends half a day hungover).

How many days were lost being hungover? How many nights were spent out too late just so you could cram in another two drinks? How many times did you go to events quite reluctantly, and yet end up getting intoxicated?

I’d probably say it’s a lot. These are all instances where we could have saved precious time: head home early to get rest for the next day; avoid the hangover that renders you useless on a  Saturday (where you could have spent the day resting and/or catching up on errands).

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Sober Mind, Sober Thinking


Sobriety isn’t just abstinence of alcohol, but also sobriety of the mind, our thoughts, and how we approach the world and make sense of our surroundings. It’s easy to make irrational choices if we’re not sober in mind to think clearly.

We’re faced with decisions, both easy and hard, on a daily basis. How we respond to people that are frustrating up, or make time time for those we care about without prioritising the non-essentials always comes down to a sober mind.

I know many people who can enjoy alcohol without being excessive. However, I have found total avoidance of alcohol to be much easier. Life doesn’t throw us any favours, and we’re all trying to create an exciting life and career. Why lose time and energy just to have a drink that could have easily been avoided?

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Running Away

Let’s be honest: we’re all running away problems and responsibilities. We all face issues which we don’t know how to overcome. We all think about ur future. Alcohol is the perfect antidote for running away from said responsibilities.

What better than a drink that actually depressing the brain, alters our mood, and makes us feel temporary relief? There truly is no better modern day escape. As much as we run away, however, we never actually escape ourselves.

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The Obvious

Thus far, I have been philosophical with my reasoning, but there are plenty of practical benefits of being abstinent:

  • Better sleep (my favourite)
  • Healthier diet
  • More calories to eat chocolate and PB (my second favourite)
  • Time to kill… in a good way
  • Saving money

People that could inspire you… as much as they did me








Here’s a list of notable people who have gone sober/abstinent, and how long they have maintained this lifestyle as of March 2018…


  1. Robert Downey Jr. – 15 years
  2. George W. Bush – 42 years
  3. James Franco – 11 years
  4. Colin Farrell – 12 years
  5. Al Pacino – 41 years
  6. Tom Cruise – unknown
  7. John Travolta – unknown
  8. Russell Brand – 15 years
  9. Stephen King – 20+ years
  10. Ben Affleck – 17 years
  11. Bill O’Reilly – 24 years
  12. Eminem – 10 years
  13. Johnny Depp – 2+ years
  14. Joe Biden – unknown
  15. Matthew Perry – 7 years
  16. David Bowie – 35+ years
  17. Ringo Starr – 20+ years
  18. Gary Oldman – 20+ years
  19. Joe Manganiello – unknown
  20. Bradley Cooper – 14 years


  1. Eva Mendes – 10 years
  2. Kelly Preston – 8 years
  3. Melanie Griffith – 8 years
  4. Edie Falco – unknown
  5. Jamie Lee Curtis – 4+ years
  6. Kirsten Dunst
  7. Naomi Campbell – 19 years
  8. Natalie Portman
  9. Jennifer Hudson
  10. Jennifer Lopez
  11. Blake Lively
  12. Kelly Osbourne
  13. Kim Kardashian
  14. Tyra Banks
  15. Kim Cattrall
  16. Kristin Davis
  17. Jada Pinkett Smith
  18. Fearne Cotton
  19. Daisy Lowe
  20. Katy Perry




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3 thoughts on “My Journey to Alcohol Abstinence”

  1. Wow, that list of celebs who are sober is amazingly motivating! And YOU are too – thank you for sharing your story in this post ❤ Would you mind if I included a screenshot of the group of ladies you featured here on my Instagram profile as a new post? I would give you the credit and give your blog a shout out. Regardless, I appreciate the post xo

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