2 Years in Recovery

This post will basically be an extension to this post, which is when I celebrated my first year in recovery. And like the other post, this one will be written in green. Just a tiny side note: green is the colour of mental health. I’ve said that multiple times, you’ve seen the ribbons too…

Now on with the post.


The past year – read here for the first year of recovery – has been a complete rollercoaster ride. Besides, that’s life. Ups, downs, twists… that is, the good, bad and in-between.

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Recovery is a confusing road with diversions and shortcuts which demand a LOT of sacrifices and obstacles. Honestly, there were times where despite how far I’d come, I wanted out. Not necessarily by ending my life, but just… float. Like when you’re in the sea and you let yourself float. But I decided to keep going. Like Dory says:

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Aside from the minimal obstacles from the first year, I had a pretty good one. I had  a public speech, finished a course, got my mental health first aid certificate, and most of all, celebrated another year of life.

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So that was my year in an ambiguous nutshell! I Had very little time to work on my blog these past several days, which is why my posts were on schedule.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

I love you,


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