How To: Taking Notes

Yet another new series for my blog. This time it’s a ‘How to’/tips/hacks sort of thing! Expect tips related to writing, health, beauty, fitness… everything you can think of! If you want tips and/or hacks on a topic in particular, let me know in the comments below! Just a small disclaimer, these tips are based on both my research and personal experience. If you disagree with any of these, you can add and remove your own choices 🙂

So take out your notepads, put the kettle on and get writing!

Lecture notes…

ALWAYS write the date at the beginning. This will be useful when you need to look back at certain notes of a specific day.

Keep in mind:

  • Main points = definitions, important dates, facts
  • Sub-points = expand on main point
  • (Sub-sub points can also be added!).


  • Write them in a blank area of your notes
  • Draw cute shapes around them to make them stand out!

Don’t worry bout writing down everything word by word! Write your notes the way YOU understand them.

Notes not looking decent during a lecture? DON’T WORRY ABOUT THAT NOW! You’ll have plenty of time making them pretty during free period or at home.

Re-writing notes…

Colour coding can help you pinpoint something particular, and connect with other parts of your notes. For example, I used to highlight DATES in ORANGE, names in GREEN and name of events in PINK.

If you think you should type your notes, use Microsoft Word. I usually also include the dates (as mentioned above) beforehand.

Re-writing your notes is an easy-sure way of revising and studying!

Put your favourite note-taking technique to use – be it by typing or freehand.


  • Main point
  • Sub point(s) [* you can have more than one subpoint]
  • Example(s) [* you can have more than one example].

Book notes…

ALWAYS look at the summary at the back of every chapter/topic.

Use the same process as ‘Lecture Notes’ [above].

Draw any tables, diagrams, webs, etc. that will help you remember something.

Writing in your own words will help you remember more!


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