How To: Writing Essays

Yet another new series for my blog. This time it’s a ‘How to’/tips/hacks sort of thing! Expect tips related to writing, health, beauty, fitness… everything you can think of! If you want tips and/or hacks on a topic in particular, let me know in the comments below! Just a small disclaimer, these tips are based on both my research and personal experience. If you disagree with any of these, you can add and remove your own choices 🙂

So take out your notepads, put the kettle on and get writing!


  • Have you effectively introduced the reader to your topic?
  • Always start with an attention grabber.
  • If the attention grabber was up to 2 sentences, add 3 more.

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  • Is the main idea clearly and effectively stated?
  • Is the main concept discussed clearly?
  • Did you cite all borrowed information? [This is mostly aimed at those doing assignments at college, University or thesis]
  • Does the evidence support your argument?
  • Do all body paragraphs follow a similar structure?

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  • Did you summarise your argument?
  • Did you restate what was said in the Body?
  • Did you make connections to the Introduction and Body?
  • Does the conclusion flow from the Body?

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  • Is your language formal/informal? [This depends on the style of writing required]
  • Are sentences concise and free from unnecessary content?
  • Do sentences flow properly?
  • Is grammar and spelling correct?
  • Is the paper free from contractions? [Examples of contractions are don’t, it’s, etc.]
  • Did you REREAD you paper? [It is recommended to read this THE FIRST TIME to check for grammar and a SECOND TIME for spelling, and then a THIRD TIME with any corrected mistakes. You can read it more than three times]

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This section is for thesis, assignments and similar essays.

  • Does everything have a cite?
  • Are references and citations properly formatted?
  • Have you used enough credible sources?
  • Did you include a reference page?

… and you’re finished!

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