Mental Health Stats

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful day! Today is yet another one related to mental health. This time round, there won’t be any words, just photos, as sometimes one picture says a lot more than me. This post is aimed to raise awareness for mental health. In Malta, the Richmond Foundation works towards ending the stigma surrounding mental health while also helps those suffering to recover. Their contact information is found at the end of the post.

As I always say, if you or any one you know if showing symptoms of mental health problems or is talking suggestively about it, then please seek help from professionals, be it your family doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist. But most of all, stay strong.

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Richmond Foundation endeavours to provide optimal community mental health services that promote mental wellbeing, address the prevention of mental health problems and provide support for good quality of life

Address: 424, St. Joseph High Road, St. Venera, SVR 1013

Telephone numbers:

  • (+00356) 21 224580

  • (+00356) 21 482336  

  • (+00356) 21 480045

E-mail address:

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