REVIEW: purrfect Skin Transforming Hand Glove Masks

Product – purrfect Skin Transforming Hand Glove Masks from Primark

Rating – 2/5

This is going to be a very short review of the linked product, because honestly, there isn’t much to say! I got this from Primark while in London last summer. And I expected a LOT from this product, because I had tried the foot mask and it wasn’t that bad.


The instructions were pretty straightforward, which was a plus for me. I may have had an A’ leven in English and obtained a C, but instructions for me are sometimes too tough to understand.


Then I put them on… and the galore began! First off, you cannot tell but the gloves were HUGE! My hands are quite thin and not too long considering I’m taller than the average girl. Then there was the struggle with getting the secure tapes at the sides fastened round my wrist. I had to ask my mum to get them on, and as soon as she did, they ripped! They were made of a thin paper tape, like textbook labels.

The feeling I had while I had the gloves on was eugh… They felt *shodders* moist. I hate saying, hearing, typing and writing that word. Dunno why, but it has that vibe to it, you know? Plus there was dripping EVERYWHERE!

Those 15 minutes seemed like a century.

So yeah… I give this product a poor 2/5. 1 for the easy instructions and 1 for the cute pattern. I would change the secure to something more secure (!!) and the fitting. I am sure there is nobody that has sausages for fingers. If you do, then this product will fit you.


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