Map My Style #3

Happy weekend everyone! Welcome to the first part of this fortnightly series where I fill in the book ‘May my Style’ by Dom and Ink, which I bought from Asos a while ago. It’s been out of stock for a while, so you can also find it on Amazon. It’s a book similar to ‘Wreck this Journal’ by Keri Smith. I hope you enjoy this series, out every other Saturday!

The aim of this series is to get to know me more but with a fun twist.

She said WHAT?!

Write down what all your friends say about your current style. They have to be honest. I mean, did they really like those cowboy boots you bought last week? Nah. Don’t think so…

Your best friend, your sister for life:

“We have similar taste in fashion” ❤

Your other best friend who you get drunk with:

I don’t actually have one because I cannot get drunk! (medical purposes and what not).

That cute old lady you befriended on the bus home:

I don’t do buses anymore 😉

Prunella from work. She doesn’t like you much:

I’m lovable 😉

Now this is going to be hard… Ask your mother what she thinks of your current style. I mean, at least she’ll be honest, right?!

“I think you should dress your size. But otherwise you’re always nicely and appropriately dressed!” Thanks mama!

Whoa. She don’t mince her words!

And that’s it really!

Love always,


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