STORYTIME: I was both a Victim and a Perpetrator

Hello everyone, and hope you’re all doing well! As you can tell from the first part of the title, this is a storytime, and it’s not going to be a fun and happy one. I won’t be jumping from past to present in this one, it will be in chronological order. I only ask for respect in the comments, and I apologise for anyone who gets offended by this storytime.

In primary school, I was a tomboy. Actually scratch that, I think I was quite literally a boy. I loved getting dirty while playing in the mud, I loved sports and running, I only hung out with boys, and I hated dolls. My childhood was about sports.

In doing so, I was mean to a lot of girls. Well, not mean as in calling them names, but I never wanted them to play sports with me and the boys. There was only one boy I never let play with me and the others. I’m going to call him Boy to protect his identity.

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Boy was small, scrawny, had a mushroom haircut and glasses. He wasn’t disliked by the other boys, but he wasn’t loved either. It was a neutral feeling. He usually chose to play with boys from other classes, but always longed to play with us. Since he was very small, there weren’t many sports that proved his strengths. He didn’t like football, and he was hit easily in Prisoners (a game which is similar to Dodgeball), and he was okay-ish in running.

Whenever he was (quite reluctantly) let playing with me and the boys, I would purposely push him, steal his glasses and/or ruffle his hair and call him ‘slow-mo’. Back then, it was all about being the strongest and the best. When we were in different classes for the last 2 years of primary, I teased other “weak” boys, but it was more banter, as I had grown up and was becoming softer and more “girly”.

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Fast forward to secondary school, and the tables turned completely. I was constantly verbally, emotionally and mentally bullied by most of my classmates and girls from different classes, and sometimes even from different years. It broke me. FOr five whole years, even when I talked to guidance counsellors and my bestfriend (who was in the year above me).

I am now 24 years old, with a stable income as an LSE (they changed the name from LSA to Learning Support Educator), a good life and an amazing boyfriend. And since I’m working with children and preteens, I see all kinds of bullying on a daily basis.



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