Map My Style #1

Happy weekend everyone! Welcome to the first part of this fortnightly series where I fill in the book ‘May my Style’ by Dom and Ink, which I bought from Asos a while ago. It’s been out of stock for a while, so you can also find it on Amazon. It’s a book similar to ‘Wreck this Journal’ by Keri Smith. I hope you enjoy this series, out every other Saturday!

The aim of this series is to get to know me more but with a fun twist.

Top 3 tunes to twerk to:

  1. Slave 4 You by Britney Spears
    Because she’s a QUEEN why else?
  2. Anaconda by Nicki Minaj
    A classic in this category!
  3. Love so Soft by Kelly Clarkson
    Somehow yes, yes.

List the bloggers/sites you stalk/follow for fashion tips:

Tamara Webb: @tamarawebb_ on Instagram
Sarah Zerafa: @sosazerafa on Instagram
All my girls in the Maltese blogging-sphere! Love you ladies ❤


Related image

Because it features the story from Stand by Me.

… and basically any other King book out there!

The best advice you were ever given on fashion:

Related image

Your favourite scene in your favourite movie. Yes, Ryan Gosling films are allowed:

All of Stand by Me.

I mean

Image result for stand by me gifs

come on

Image result for stand by me gifs

and also

Image result for river phoenix stand by me pictures

He’s my first crush as a child. Gone too soon ❤

An artist/photographer or writer who makes you think differently:

Hard to choose… All artists have impacted me in different ways. So all authors, artists and professionals alike. YOU inspire ME.

Your favourite colour:

Green and purple.

Related image

This guy makes me love these colours even more.

And that’s it really!

Love always,


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