BeYOUtiful – Week #1

A series on self-love and positivity that will take place every Sunday. Here I will chronicle how my week went with a question asked on the journal I bought in summer 2017 from Paperchase, and a brief idea of what is planned for the upcoming month in terms of the blog, which will be added/removed when done.

Hope you enjoy this series!

Quote of the week:

Image result for everyday brings new choices quote


How do you feel?

This week, I felt good! A great start to the new year, and a clean slate. The only downfall this week was the blood test I had on Saturday – I am absolutely terrified of needles -_- [and yes, even considering I religiously watch horror movies and gory series. Another good thing? I lost a kilo over the new year week! Not much, I know, but got to start from somewhere, no? My blog is also doing quite well considering we’re still in the first week of January and 2018 altogether 🙂 So it’s been a good week in general.

Posts planned for the upcoming year:

  1. A post about songs that talk about mental health

  2. potential ‘Dim the Spotlight’ post depending on my research

  3. A heart-to-heart post about why I only attended only two event since starting my blog back in May 2016 – because yes, there is a reason behind this

  4. A product review which, by the way, was messy AF

  5. A movie review

  6. Introduction to blog series ‘Map my Style’

  7. Introduction to blog series ‘How to…’

  8. potential interview with a local blogger

  9. Chronicling my 2-year anniversary since seeking treatment

  10. 2-year anniversary of blogging

  11. A storytime on meeting the cast of my favourite show of all time ever

  12. A post on narcissism

  13. A Fashion Nova wishlist for Valentine’s Day

  14. My travel history

  15. Mental health statistics

  16. My bucket list – and why I started one

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