Wishlist: Christmas Special!

I know, I know: it’s Christmas in just a matter of days, so why are you posting a Christmas wishlist now? I understand your thinking, but hear me out: I have written some good posts this past month (in my opinion, at least), and have been keeping the request from in the backseat for too long now. I have JUST found some time to actually sit down and see what I want.

My thought immediately was next year’s birthdays and such celebrations where presents are required. Because, right now, the website has some AMAZING discounts which you can take advantage of!

But here’s a short wishlist for things that I would have liked from Sassymyprom this Christmas, but will still enjoy nonetheless for my birthday in February (if you’re a friend, take note!)

Beading Split-Front V-Neck A-Line Court Train Evening DressBeading Split-Front V-Neck A-Line Court Train Evening Dress










Everything from the colour to the split front and open back is perfect about this yellow evening dress.

Elegant Tulle Off-the-shoulder Two-piece A-line Evening Dress

This two-piece evening dress is a DREAM! I love the tulle skirt and flora top!

Floral Flowers Pattern Print Two Piece Prom Dresses

Floral Flowers Pattern Print Two Piece Prom Dresses








The reason why I would love this two-piece dress is because of its floral detail at the bottom of the dress. B-E-A-U-TIFUL ❤

Eye-catching Gradient Chiffon V-Neck A-Line Prom Dresses With Pleats

Have you ever seen something so magnificent and beautiful? ❤ I love the gradient bottom of the skirt and the mixture of colours the dress has.

Spliced Back Criss-Cross Maxi Dress

Spliced Back Criss-Cross Maxi Dress

Thought this is a white backless top and a brown maxi skirt? Think again, it’s actually a dress! I love how flowy it is and the criss-cross at the back is so nice for me.

Floral Off Shoulder Shirred Asymmetric Maxi Dress

This floral asymmetrical dress is something I have always wanted to try out. My legs aren’t too skinny but with the decrease of my medication (which side effects include weight gain) I will hopefully be more motivated to work out more and lose weight in the process.

18K Gold Plated Bracelet, Micro Pave AAA Zircon Snowflake, Golden, 175mm

I’m not too big on bracelets, but this gold plated bracelet looks so beautiful, especially with one of the gowns mentioned on this post.

Yellow Long Side Slit Ribbed Dress

This ribbed mustard dress is so casual and cute, and with the right accessories it can be a bomb outfit for a night out.

Cute Gary Animal Graphic Print Hoodie

Finally something more my style! This hoodie is the epitome of who I am: comfy and mostly grumpy especially in mornings 😉

Pink Street Fashion Golden-Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses

These gold-rimmed glasses are so chic and can go with any outfit!

Hollow Out Butterfly Shaped Sunglasses

Last item on my list are these pair of butterfly-shaped sunglasses. Yes, sunglasses whose lenses re light-coloured. I need these!



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