New Year, New Series: Changes on my Blog

We’ve all heard of the cheesy, cliche saying “new year, new me”. I used to believe that up until a  few years ago and decided to change it to “new year, better me”. I will be using this ‘saying’ for my blog, too.

With my blog growing since last year, I will be introducing some new series that will be taking place on my blog starting 2018.

Favourites – scheduled every month


You may have seen other bloggers talking an/or writing about this on their channels/blogs respectively. I will be talking about my favourite things during the month. They will be divided into:


Be Your Best Self series – scheduled every Sunday

I got this journal from Paperchase when I was in London this summer. I wanted a journal that I can look back at with memories. They are filled with questions of reflections and have a quote at the top of each page.


Map My Style series – scheduled every other Saturday

I am feeling quite hesitant about this series, but I’ll give it a go for a few Saturdays. I bought this several months ago – if not last year, come to think of it – from Asos, and it’s like one of those ‘wreck this journal’ type things, but for fashion and personal style! I have already started some of the sketches today, but let me warn you: I. Cannot. Draw. Okay? Need a repetition?


More tips & hacks

I have only done two tips and hacks posts: one for travelling and the other for studying. I want to make this year more about helping others to get through like better than I did without the internet. Expect tips on relationships, self-confidence, writing better, fitness and lots more…!

Which series are you mostly looking forward to? And do you have any request on a particular post or series I should write? Let me know in the comments!



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