Things that should be taught in school

During secondary (or high, for the foreigners) school, we are taught many things that are relevant to our education, which is all well and good, but there are so many things that students aren’t taught to prepare them for real life. Sure, we may know the ins and outs of problem solving in Math and the invasions that happened in Malta, but I don’t think that’s going to look too good on our CVs, do you? Well, unless we’re all historians and scientists that is. We’re told our entire lives to work hard in order to prepare for adulthood, but how can we prepare when we don’t know how to even move out of our family homes or pay a tax bill?

Here are 14 real life things school should’ve taught us.

1. How to pay taxes and bills In fact, how to even sign up to pay our taxes and bills. How do taxes and bills even work? I don’t understand and I have to pay taxes now!

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2. How to write a CV or cover letter And the difference between the two. Seriously, I can tell you about the causes of the French Revolution but I can’t for the life of everyone decide which corner my name and address should be typed into.

3. How to dress for a job interview We’re being taught for our futures but they missed letting us know the difference between over-dressed and too casual for a job interview. Especially for the teens of today that thing a crop top and a denim skirt is proper interview attire.

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4. How to not get taken advantage of You know, to avoid saying ‘yes I’ll totally work for free because this is my dream job’ and actually have the courage and balls to talk about pay. This is something I am super guilty of for every job interview I have been to.

5. How to buy a car or a house Our parents made it look so damn easy. We just sort of assumed things appeared out of nowhere when we were ready for them. I bought my first car a month ago and my dad was the one who handled the finances! I just stared cluelessly at him dealing.

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6. How to make friends, and network with others I still don’t know how to approach somebody without looking weird or like I’m trying to sell them something.

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7. In fact, how to get people to like you at all Because it’s pretty important that your employers like you, at least.

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8. How to save money I can’t believe I still remember the square-root of pi (like, I actually do, and I HATE Math!) but I can’t remember how much money is in my bank account (I’ve actually been avoiding checking to be honest with you. Christmas season hits me like seven Orient Express trains).

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10. Time management skills Maybe that way I could actually do everything I want to do in a day without getting stressed out. Or get to an important appointment in time and not get caught up with the former. Doubtful, I know.

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11. How to deal with things emotionally They should’ve spent more time teaching us about relationships. We spend our whole lives searching for ‘the one’ only to not know how to deal with things when they go wrong.

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12. And focusing more time on sex ed Teaching us about protection, more than just condoms. The options we can take to stay safe sexually, to result in less unplanned pregnancy.

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13. Alongside the emotional side to sex They make it sound so plain and simple, like it’s a small part of our lives completed by a diagram. But it’s not. So many emotions come out in regards to sex and it’s important they are spoken about, so fewer people worry and question their emotions. Some small part of education should focus on the right time to have sex, to stress the importance of being ready. To explain the value of consent and the distress non-consent causes.

14. We should’ve been taught about mental health We were taught about physical health, so how was it not just as important to discuss things like stress, anxiety and depression – things that many of us deal with at one point or another? This is something I will continue fighting for until my last dying breath. There should be more awareness on mental health. It is as important as physical health. If you are local and would like to take a Mental Health First Aid course, click here.

Any other topics that should be taught in schools that were not included here? Let me know in the comments below!



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4 thoughts on “Things that should be taught in school”

  1. In Texas we have CTE and specifically Business classes that teach a lot of these financial and employability skill topics. In some Human Services classes we teach about mental health. Students just have to find these classes and sign up for them, not everyone will take them. Sometimes these options are there, it just depends on the state and what courses are offered at that school.


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