I’m in a music video…yes, for real!

You might think I’ve gone barking mad, but yes. I was in a music video! It may have been a few seconds, but I was. My name was written and everything! I was super excited since I was asked to be a part of it, and kept my mouth shut on my Page and Instagram to give you all a surprise! Read on for an account of this experience.

The band’s logo

As a start, I should first talk briefly about the band. The band was formed in 2012 and they blend 1960s pop/rock with folk/rock, which are the favourite genres of the founders (and also mine!). Their album Telegram went on to win Best Album in the 2016 MMI Awards (MMI stand for ‘Muzika Mod Iehor’ which is a local podcast). They have performed numerous local venues and also had two mini tours in Sicily and London.

A while ago, I was contacted by one of the band members about a future music video that would be dedicated to mental health awareness, and asked me to be a part of it. I was obviously surprised at the fact that they asked me to be in their music video. I’m a big fan of their music since they remind me a lot of my favourite band, The Beatles (also cited as one of their main influences), so obviously I immediately said yes.

Saturday 2nd December, the video was released, and a beautiful dedication was written as a description. It shows that it’s not just a person such as myself – a mental health sufferer and small local blogger – that’s working towards breaking the stigma. Watching the video, I legit cried, sorry not sorry.


This was a short post and am well aware, but I just wanted to thank the band members – Dario, Jean Paul, David and Sean – for doing what they’re doing: the music, the entertainment, and most especially, their dedication towards raising awareness about mental health.

Give them a listen, share their music, like their page and spread the word – It’s okay to speak up!

Links: Website Facebook Instagram Youtube Twitter Google+ Spotify

PS. You can see me at 3:20 😉

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